What AI Can and Cannot Do | Janelle Shane, AI Weirdness

Learn more about the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and “What AI Can and Cannot Do” from TECHTalks keynote speaker Janelle Shane. 

About Janelle

Janelle Shane’s AI humor blog,, looks at the strange side of artificial intelligence. She has been featured in the New York Times, The Atlantic, WIRED, Popular Science, All Things Considered, and Slate. In 2019 she was named one of Fast Company’s 100 most creative people in business. Her soon-to-be-released TED talk is a funny and insightful look at the nature of machine learning algorithms. Her upcoming book You Look Like a Thing and I Love You: How AI Works and Why It’s Making the World a Weirder Place uses cartoons and humorous pop-culture experiments to look inside the minds of the algorithms that run our world, making artificial intelligence and machine learning accessible and entertaining.

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