Fireside Chat with Cross River Bank: Running Windows on AWS

Did you know that on average, enterprises estimate infrastructure cost savings of 30-50% after optimizing their Windows licensing and running Windows workloads on Amazon Web Services (AWS)? Join EagleDream and AWS for an interactive, fireside chat with Cross River Bank. Real world experience, real time advice. Clark Fancher from AWS and Scott Weber from EagleDream will moderate a roundtable discussion featuring enterprise IT leaders who are in the process or have recently optimized their Windows licensing beginning an Optimization & Licensing Assessment (OLA). This week’s session features Chriss Cevallos of Cross River Bank. We cover:

  • How migrating Windows workloads to AWS empowered their organization to make data-driven migration decisions
  • Business challenges their team faced
  • Their optimization road-map
  • Notable results and ROI from conducting an OLA
  • How to start the process with an OLA

See How Much You Could Save by Running Your Windows Workloads on AWS.

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