EagleDream Builds Serverless Web Application that uses Machine Learning & Drone Technology

EagleDream is transforming the way companies use drone technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to process data. 5×5 Technologies partnered with EagleDream to build an intuitive web portal and 3D modeling tool to improve reliability and safety of cell towers. The custom-built 3D modeling tool enables 5×5 users to create, modify, and optimize cell tower drawings. EagleDream’s infrastructure team built a serverless web application in the cloud, using a combination of AWS tools. In addition, their UI/UX team designed a highly intuitive and consistent user interface.

Some of the highlights of this solution include… 

  • 5×5 can now render cell phone tower images 10x faster resulting in less time and people needed
  • The application is built for scale, to one day leverage Machine Learning to detect issues such as rust and crack detection

And the work doesn’t stop there… EagleDream is helping 5×5 soar to new heights. With the success of this solution, 5×5 plans to bring this technology beyond cell towers – to buildings, bridges, power lines, and more. Learn how you can build something visionary with EagleDream Technologies.

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