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EagleDream provides businesses with a clear path to migrate self-managed relational databases to a fully managed solution, so they can focus more time and energy on innovation and growth. This sales kit focuses specifically on moving from SQL Server to Amazon RDS.
Included in Sales Kit:
  • Onepager w/ Sales Play
  • Sales Playbook (Value Proposition, Target Audience, Sales Plays)
  • EagleDream Customer Case Study
  • First Call Deck
  • Sales Discovery Question Guide
  • EagleDream’s AWS Battlecard
Introductory Offer:

Database Migration Readiness Assessment: 1-2hr consult call with a certified EagleDream Solutions Architect.

Target Customer: For customers looking to migrate to managed Microsoft SQL Server on RDS from running on Amazon EC2.​
Target Audience:
  • Medium-Enterprise business who is self-managing Microsoft SQL Server on Amazon EC2. 

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