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Sales Kit

Data Lake Solutions

EagleDream’s Data Lake Solutions help businesses create more meaningful connections with their customers. ​View and download the following Sales Kit materials to learn more about EagleDream’s Data Lake Offerings.
Included in Sales Kit:
  • Onepager w/ Sales Plays
  • Sales Playbook (Value Proposition, Target Audience, Sales Plays)
  • Email Drip Campaign Script
  • Sales Discovery Question Guide
  • EagleDream’s AWS Battlecard
Introductory Offer:

Data Lake Readiness Assessment (FREE): 1-2 hr consult w/ a certified Data Engineer to evaluate if a Data Lake is a viable option.

Target Customer: Exploring the benefits of building a data lake, currently has disparate data sources 
Target Audience:
  • Redshift users
  • Currently running a huge MS-SWL database, could indicate its being used as a warehouse
  • AWS EMR users
  • Customers w/ multiple AWS workloads, could indicate applications with their own databases Users with a lot of data on S3

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