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“Eagledream helped our small team build production ready infrastructure in Amazon Web Services for a HIPAA compliant solution within a few weeks. We were very impressed by the efforts of their team.”

Benjamin Perry

Vice President of Technology

Evolutionary Advancements in Brain Health

Quadrant Biosciences develops innovative and diagnostic products for brain health, creating evolutionary advancements in concussive assessment and autism detection.


Quadrant Biosciences Inc. came to EagleDream looking for a secure and compliant way to host their application and a partner that could help them navigate the various requirements of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Business Associate Addendum (BAA). With only two resources used to build and run their applications, they needed automated methods to setup and manage their environment.  


EagleDream delivered a functional non-production area and CloudFormation templates that were used to create Quadrant Bioscience’s production environment. EagleDream also setup and built automation tactics via Jenkins and CodeDeploy for single click deployments, with zero downtime for their applications. In order to transfer knowledge of what was built, EagleDream collaborated with the Quadrant Biosciences Inc. team to effectively train them on the new environment.


EagleDream worked closely with Quadrant Biosciences Inc. to help them understand and navigate the terms and limitations of the AWS BAA. Additionally, EagleDream supported Quadrant Biosciences Inc. in training them on the correct ways to implement and use various AWS tools. Overall, Quadrant Biosciences was very happy with the outcome of the engagement and the application was well positioned for a successful production release. 

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