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“NYCM holds the vision to build an infrastructure that meets the growing needs and demands of our customers and creating environments that are scalable and highly available are key to our overall Digital Transformation. EagleDream’s dedication to educate and guide our team through this process encouraged us to ‘think differently’ about the cloud and has accelerated our overall transformation. We’re excited and eager to continue to execute on our cloud strategy with the help of EagleDream.”


Vice President, IT Services

NYCM Partners with EagleDream to Accelerate their Digital Transformation

NYCM Insurance worked with EagleDream to begin the modernization of their infrastructure, a key component of their Digital Transformation strategy. NYCM began by establishing a cloud-first foundation through education and migrating two customer-facing web applications to AWS resulting in improved scalability, availability, and performance.

NYCM Seeks to Modernize & Transform their Infrastructure

In the summer of 2019, with the help of AWS, NYCM connected with EagleDream to explore a roadmap to begin moving their workloads and applications to the cloud. Modernization of their infrastructure was a key priority for NYCM as they embarked on their Digital Transformation journey. EagleDream proposed hosting an executive briefing in-person to discuss their business objectives and whiteboard a high-level migration plan. 

Prior to meeting with EagleDream, NYCM Insurance operated completely on-premises with no workloads in the cloud. NYCM engaged with EagleDream to migrate two .NET web applications to AWS – their main website, and a client-facing portal designed to allow their customers to login and access their insurance information.

About NYCM Insurance

NYCM Insurance is a property and casualty insurance carrier that has been providing coverage to residents and businesses in New York since 1899.

The Solution

Collaborating with EagleDream to Migrate to AWS
One of the unique components of this engagement was that NYCM wasn’t interested in just a “lift & shift” of their workloads. NYCM partnered with EagleDream to fully immerse their team in the process so they could develop their knowledge of AWS and establish a Cloud Center of Excellence within their organization. The teams developed a strategy that was collaborative and driven by education every step of the way.

The migration effort began with various in-person and virtual working sessions led by EagleDream. One of the first orders of business was planning and establishing NYCM’s AWS Control Tower foundation. EagleDream advised on how NYCM should structure their AWS multi-account setup from the ground up. The teams had several in-depth discussions around building their AWS account hierarchy and potential for future application migrations to AWS, which would in turn define their success as they scaled up their workloads in the cloud.

Building a Secure Foundation in the Cloud
Once their AWS Control Tower structure was implemented, the teams moved on to the Networking layer. EagleDream helped setup their AWS Direct Connect to make it easy to establish a dedicated network connection from their on-premises datacenter to AWS. They also setup AWS Transit Gateway to connect their VPCs and on-premises network using a hub-and-spoke model, which ultimately simplified their network architecture. NYCM also implemented VPNs alongside their Direct Connect, providing redundancy and resiliency at the network layer.


NYCM worked with EagleDream to successfully establish the foundation for their cloud-first Digital Transformation and migrate two .NET web applications to AWS. 

Modernizing their Infrastructure to Operate More Efficiently

EagleDream then worked on building the core infrastructure for the applications. Previously, NYCM leveraged manual processes to build out their server infrastructure on-premises and deploy their application code to those machines. To help NYCM save time and operate more efficiently, EagleDream introduced the concept of automating the management and deployment of their infrastructure and applications across all their environments. With a two-pronged approach, EagleDream worked with NYCM to build two sets of AWS CodePipelines using AWS CloudFormation templates to both provision EC2 infrastructure and deploy the associated .NET web applications across each of their AWS environments. In total, there were four environments: development, QA, test, and production.

Creating Scalability and Availability to Support Digital Transformation

NYCM has improved the scalability, availability and performance of their applications and can quickly expand their environment on-demand to support their customer needs. NYCM has also established a strong cloud-first culture within their organization enabling them to build out more superior infrastructure for future use and further progress on their Digital Transformation journey.


  • AWS Control Tower
  • AWS Direct Connect
  • AWS Transit Gateway
  • AWS CloudFormation
  • Amazon GuardDuty
  • AWS Security Hub
  • Amazon Cloudfront
  • Amazon EC2
  • Amazon EC2 Autoscaling
  • AWS CodePipelines
  • AWS CodeBuild
  • AWS CodeDeploy


Key Benefits & Successes


Developed a more efficient code deployment process

Previously, NYCM’s code push process was a file copy to the website with no versioning. Today, NYCM uses Bitbucket to communicate with the code pipeline process and has a complete history of all code deployment.


improved scalability and availability

After migrating to AWS, NYCM witnessed significant improvements in scalability, availability, and performance of their applications. NYCM can easily deploy, and scale code as needed resulting in an improved web experience for their customers.

established a cloud-first mindset

Leveraging EagleDream’s knowledge and expertise and collaborating closely with their team, NYCM has developed a strong cloud-first foundation within their organization. Today, NYCM is running more on AWS than they originally intended, and they continue to embrace cloud education amongst their teams.


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