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“EagleDream dove right in to assist us with ensuring our new website not only was user friendly, but that it represented our new name, logo and overall branding. We couldn’t have hoped for a smoother transition! Without a doubt I would recommend EagleDream Technologies to any company who is looking for a new website, there isn’t a better or more efficient partner to have on your side!”

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Located in the heart of the Finger Lakes, New York Kitchen is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, with a passion to guide their guests on a journey to explore New York’s dynamic agriculture, craft beverage, and culinary arts.


While implementing a complete rebranding and renaming of their organization, New York Kitchen (formerly known as the New York Wine & Culinary Center) engaged EagleDream to redesign and develop their website to reflect their new name, brand, demographic, and messaging.


EagleDream executed a complete website redesign and development effort that aligned with New York Kitchen’s new brand. In line with the design efforts, EagleDream developed a completely new system for the New York Kitchen team to independently manage and operate their website. To ensure security of their new web presence, EagleDream built a PCI compliant Managed Services Framework to host the new WordPress environment that fully integrated with New York Kitchen’s payment processing system.

Providing users an inside look into the unique New York Kitchen experience, here are some of the key results of the project.

Fully Responsive Design

Intuitive Website Navigation

Consistent Branding And Design

PCI Compliant Infrastructure

Improved Registration Processes

Scalable and Reliable Hosting

A Unique Experience

Check out our article sharing more of New York Kitchen’s story and their unique web design, rebranding, and renaming effort!


All of the Key Features

Fully Responsive Design and Development

Crafted with industry web standards and best practices, the website was built to be fully responsive, ensuring maximum performance across all browsers and devices.

Streamlined Registration for Classes and Events​

A critical element of the website was to make the class and event registration experience easier and more efficient for website visitors. The new website streamlines this process and users are able to easily view upcoming events via a calendar or list view, purchase class tickets, and register for special events.

Improved E-Commerce and Website Management

Website users now have the ability to easily purchase New York Kitchen products and gift cards or make donations. For the internal New York Kitchen team, the website features a completely new management and operating system that includes various e-commerce and reporting capabilities.

See What’s New

The new name, brand, website, and experience is truly unique, unlike any other. We encourage you to visit and explore New York Kitchen’s website for yourself!


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