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“How we interact with our customers has changed dramatically since we partnered with EagleDream to redesign our website and update our order process. Communication to our audience has improved significantly and we’ve broken lead records month over month as a result.”

BRIAN Bennett
Director of Finance

The Fiber Advantage

Using a fiber optic network, Greenlight Networks is able to provide its customers with internet speeds that are 100 times faster than what most Americans have access to today. By building their own fiber connections, Greenlight is able to provide an extremely fast and affordable Internet service for their wide range of customers.


Greenlight’s original website consisted of a WordPress-based Content Management System (CMS) and a number of third party plugins to handle forms management, technician scheduling, & eCommerce. With the implementation of a new Bill and Operations Support System (B/OSS), Greenlight additionally desired to revamp its current website to optimize the ordering process through tighter systems integrations for efficient payment capture and order processing. The team aimed to complete a general website design refresh and content management system re-implementation to improve their website design and operational performance.


EagleDream aligned project management, interaction design, and software/ web engineering services to complete a full website re-design and implementation. This included the business and systems analysis required to derive the specification for multiple third-party integrations with Greenlight’s fiber mapping platform VETRO FiberMaps, payment gateway Authorize.Net, and billing and operations support system IDI CostGuard. EagleDream released the website enhancements as part of multiple release iterations, beginning with the base website redesign and the check availability function.


Overall, the project was a great success and a significant win for the Greenlight Networks team. Not only was the website highly responsive, overall user experience was greatly improved. The implementation of a new customer ordering functionality additionally enabled and enhanced a number of customer and back-office efficiencies.

The most critical improvements included:

A New Self-Service
Network Availability
Credit Card and ACH
Payments Capture
Automated Order
Creation Functions

The most critical improvements included:

A New Self-Service
Network Availability
Credit Card and ACH
Payments Capture
Automated Order
Creation Functions


All of the Key Features

Check Availability Feature

Greenlight’s prospective customers can now confirm the availability of Greenlight’s services through the Greenlight website. This functionality is integrated with Greenlight’s fiber network mapping tool through a web service based integration with VETRO FiberMaps. This allows Greenlight to manage the details of their fiber network in one system without having to periodically import new network map data or manually maintain network data in a separate database.

Ordering System Integration

Once a new customer order is complete, including deposit payment capture, customer and order details are automatically “pushed” to Greenlight’s Billing and Operations Support System (B/OSS), IDI CostGuard. This prevents Greenlight personnel from having to manually enter this information for each order, a great improvement to the Greenlight order workflow versus previous website iterations.

Payment Capture Integration

The Greenlight website re-design and development included an update to Greenlight’s payment capture functionality. This includes migrating to Authorize.Net versus an outdated and out of compliance implementation of WooCommerce. The new Greenlight order workflow maintains the status of each prospect/customer throughout the ordering process and automatically pushes Authorize.Net payment account details to Greenlight’s B/OSS system IDI CostGuard once the ordering and payment process is complete.


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