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“EagleDream Health has partnered with EDT for their expertise in cloud solution development. This has resulted in EagleDream Health achieving its goals of building a comprehensive health care analytics solution on a highly secure, flexible, scalable, responsive, and reliable infrastructure.

Mike Mcclure

Chief Information Officer

A Rapidly Growing Start-Up

A feature-rich application that balanced time-to-market, scalability, availability, cost, security & compliance.


EagleDream Health (EDH) is a rapidly-growing startup in the highly-competitive field of Health Data Analytics. Beginning from scratch, the founders needed to develop a feature-rich application that balanced time-to-market, scalability, availability, cost, security, and compliance. To meet those requirements, the development team needed a high-productivity environment supporting continuous testing, integration, and deployment but with secure guardrails and auditability.


Using an Agile methodology, the EagleDream Technologies team architected a multi-tenant SaaS solution relying heavily on AWS (Amazon Web Services) such as Redshift, RDS, DynamoDB, and EC2. It was built in a fully-scalable and redundant manner, using CodeDeploy to manage zero-down-time deployments to all tiers. Each night, the application ingests and transforms HIPAA-regulated clinical and claims data feeds for the 7+ million patient lives under management. Though the application is constantly changing as new features and clients are added to the system, users experience a highly-available, strongly secured product that empowers them to deliver quality healthcare to their patients.

All the good stuff that made it successful

Key Features & Successes

EagleDream Health was recently acquired for 26 million.

Our partner company, EagleDream Health, was recently acquired for $26 million. Through an agile approach and world class customer service & experience, the EagleDream Technologies team partnered with the EagleDream Health team to create the highest rated software among Population Health software vendors.


We built a custom Cloud solution based on the unique needs of EagleDream Health. The application maintains HIPAA-regulated clinical and claims data feeds for the 7+ million patient lives under management.

Highest rating among population health software vendors!

Award Winning

EagleDream Health has the highest rating among Population Health software vendors! They rated 95.2 out of a possible 100, beating out other high rated competitors such as Arcadia, Epic, Allscripts, and Evolent Health.

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