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“The EagleDream Technologies team built a first-class application for us. From day one, they kept true to every commitment they had made. The application is intuitive, sleek and easy to use. Their recommendation to conduct usability tests was an effective way to ensure we hit the mark. The usability testing uncovered and solidified the need for adding an extra piece of functionality. We were then able to incorporate the functionality into the project and that has our customers excited. Simply put, they made our business their business!”

Business Lead, EDGE

A Leader in Beer, Wine, and Spirits

Constellation Brands, a Fortune 500 company, is the #1 multi-category supplier of consumer preferred premium brands across beer, wine, and spirits. They take pride in embracing new and innovative ideas and strive to “build brands that people love.”


Constellation Brands partnered with EagleDream to build a custom order processing application to provide an easier and more accessible way for the organization to sell their beverage alcohol products directly to their distributors. Prior to the development of the application, Constellation Brands distributors were required to manually process orders with limited options to complete this task.

In order to place an order, distributors were required to call a customer service representative or send in a purchase order to complete the request. Leveraging a new process and solution, they desired to streamline the distributor purchase experience and automate back-end processes to limit manual work for their team. The tool was to be built with AWS tools and technologies and stored natively in the cloud.


Leveraging their application development, DevOps, and UI/UX expertise, EagleDream built a custom cloud-native web portal application running in AWS on containers. The front-end of the application was hosted on Amazon S3 and leveraged Amazon CloudFront for worldwide caching and the distribution of files, which enabled active communication with Constellation Brands’ global customer base. The front-end structure was built as a fully self-service solution with automated and hands-off deployments.

One of the most critical functions was the ability to communicate with their internal enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. As a result, EagleDream built and integrated an API layer that communicated with the ERP system, where most of the business, ordering, and delivery regulations were contained. Prior to launch, EagleDream performed a Usability Testing study with select Constellation Brands distributors. The study observed user behavior through various scenarios and EagleDream provided results-driven recommendations to improve the user experience. The team was able to make refinements to the application as a result of the findings, to improve user flow and customer satisfaction.


Constellation Brands now has an automated, scalable, and turnkey solution to streamline the distributor ordering process.


of domestic orders that would’ve been entered manually into their system were entered using the application within the first month of operation


cases of product were ordered using the application in the first four weeks of operation


domestic manual entry customers have started entering “new orders” using the application


average satisfaction rate of users from Usability Testing

A Complex And Innovative Enterprise Solution

Dig deeper into the architecture of Constellation Brand’s custom-built order application by downloading the full case study!


All of the Key Features

Streamlined Operations

The application has significantly improved operations for Constellation Brands distributors, reducing the number of calls to customer service representatives, and eliminating the need to process orders manually. 96% of domestic orders that would’ve have been entered manually were instead entered by customers using the application.

Driven by the End-User

Prior to launching the application, EagleDream conducted a Usability Testing study to evaluate the final product. The Usability Tests enabled the team to collect distributor feedback. As a result, EagleDream was able to further improve the user flow and streamline functionality. EagleDream recommends that all portal applications be tested and verified by the end-user to optimize the digital experience.

“I just spent some time on the NEW Constellation order portal and I have to say that this is by far the BEST portal that I have seen in the industry. Very intuitive and so much great information!”

– Operations Manager

Custom API Integrations

Integration with various API’s was a critical function. In order to communicate into Constellation Brands’ mainline CRM systems, the Constellation Brands team, with the support of EagleDream resources, built a custom API layer which then communicated to their enterprise resource planning system, where most of the business, ordering, and delivery regulations were contained.


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