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CaterTrax was in need of a secure, scalable, and cost-effective way to migrate their .NET Core API’s on-demand, without sacrificing the ability to test locally.

The Leading Catering Management Software

CaterTrax is the leading software for North America’s largest foodservice management companies. The platform is built for caterers by caterers, enables their clients to streamline orders and operate multiple lines of business efficiently.


CaterTrax desired to migrate their existing .NET Core API’s, built and run manually on Amazon EC2 instances, to a more agile and cost-effective solution. Their current build process and testing methodology was outdated, and made managing their API’s rather difficult.


Since many of their API’s weren’t being used heavily, they were also paying for compute resources that were not being used. CaterTrax partnered with EagleDream to migrate their existing .NET Core API’s resulting in improved flexibility, scalability, and security in their environment.


EagleDream began by deploying their API’s to AWS Lambda and leveraging the Serverless Framework to build, test, and deploy continuously. EagleDream worked with CaterTrax to retrofit their current API’s so that they could successfully run in AWS Lambda.


To help accelerate the build and deploy process, EagleDream used AWS SAM (Serverless Application Model). Using AWS SAM allowed for the AWS Lambda functions to be run and tested locally, which greatly aided the dedicated QA resources.


Since AWS Lambda functions are inherently private and CaterTrax needed their API’s to be accessible from various locations, EagleDream built an Amazon API Gateway proxy layer in front of the AWS Lambda functions. EagleDream leveraged AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild, and AWS CodeDeploy to handle the integration and delivery of the AWS Lambda functions as well as the corresponding Amazon API Gateway endpoints.


CaterTrax and EagleDream successfully migrated their .NET Core API’s to AWS Lambda.

AWS Services Used

  • AWS Lambda
  • Amazon API Gatewat
  • AWS CodePipeline
  • AWS CodeBuild
  • AWS Code Deploy
  • AWS CloudFormation

OS Platforms Used

  • Microsoft .NET Core 2.0
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