Brian Baniewicz

Vice President, Application Development

Leveraging over 10 years of experience in enterprise IT, Brian is familiar with designing, developing, validating, and maintaining software systems.  He focuses on the application of sound engineering principles that promotes reuse, maintainability, extensibility, high availability testability, and efficient development of underlying components.

Highlighting his breadth of knowledge in the software development and architecture space, Brian brings a variety of skills to EagleDream Technologies. Chiefly among them his ability to breakdown existing problems and systems, shape project goals, model a clear systems view, define the design space for potential solutions, and make intelligent, technology independent recommendations that balance the needs of both business and technical stakeholders.

Brian receive his B.S. in Computer Science from Rochester Institute of Technology. Brian uses his free time to participate in many physical activities, and spend time with his wife and three daughters Aubrey, Brooke, and Camryn.