Demystifying Data and Machine Learning On AWS with Pittsburgh AI

EagleDream Technologies teamed up with Pittsburgh AI on April 7th, 2020 to deliver a hands-on, virtual workshop featuring EagleDream’s Senior Cloud Solutions Architect Dustin Potter and Cloud Engineer Ryan Leonard on Demystifying Data and Machine Learning on Amazon Web Services. Stay tuned to get an inside look into what was discussed and how you can start thinking about how your business can leverage Data and Machine Learning!

Participants were introduced to the following topics during the workshop:

Throughout the afternoon, attendees were able to interact via poll with our experts and were asked questions based on the discussed topics as well as their prior knowledge. The evening concluded with a Q&A for any lingering questions that viewers had after completing the demos. Watch some of the top highlights from the workshop down below!

Dustin Potter, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect

Watch the Full Workshop:

Part 1

Intro to AWS, Data Lakes, and Partitioning, Compression, and Cataloging and Transforming Data

Part 2

Guided Demo: Process, Sort, & Transform Your Data

Part 3

Introduction to Machine Learning and Amazon Sage Maker | Inference

Part 4

Guided Demo: Using Amazon Sagemaker to Build, Train, & Deploy Machine Learning Models

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Ryan Leonard, Cloud Engineer

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