Serverless Computing: Preparing Your Infrastructure for the Future

According to a 2018 report written by RightScaleserverless computing has an annual growth rate of 75%, making it currently the fastest-growing cloud service model, but what does this mean for your business? By moving towards the future and integrating this model into your company’s operationsit can reap benefits over time. 

The Next Generation of Cloud Infrastructure

Companies are continuously trying to find new ways to cut costs and reduce maintenance time when it comes to running their operations. By maintaining up-to-date practices and moving towards the nextgeneration of cloud infrastructure, businesses are able to cultivate their core competencies and drive growth. In a survey conducted by Dashbird, organizations have reported that implementing this technology has resulted in: 

What Is Serverless Computing?

Serverless is the native architecture of the cloud that allows you to shift more of your operational responsibilities to AWS, while increasing efficiency and innovation. The cloud infrastructure entails the following:

What are some of the capabilities of the AWS serverless platform?

Going serverless has a wide range of capabilities. They include:  

1. Reliability and Performance

AWS serverless provides highly scalable and low-cost operation with the use of AWS Lambda features such as automatic scaling and enabling provisioned concurrency.

2. Security and Access Control

Securely control your AWS resources and tools via AWS Identity and Access Management as well as Amazon Cognito.

3. Global Scale and Reach

Go global in minutes using global reach and run AWS Lambda in multiple regions or get started locally with the Serverless Application Model (SAM).

Learn more about AWS serverless capabilities here.

Why should your business consider Serverless?

There are several reasons why serverless infrastructure should be something to consider at your company:

1. Eliminates Server Management

There is no need for server maintenance or installation/run-time of software.

2. Flexibility in Scaling

Applications can be scaled automatically or adjusted by managing how much throughput/memory that can be consumed.

3. Increase in Availability

Going serverless will take advantage of built-in support for different availability zones and regions, easing the burden when architecting an application.

3 Things to Consider Before Working with Serverless

Because operating under serverless is handled differently than it would be with a traditional server, serverless technology is not one-size-fits-allThere are a few things to consider before changing your infrastructure: 

1. Understanding Price Differences

Serverless computing follows a transaction-based pricing model. Most companies are used to paying for storage, hosting and application uptime.

2. Determining Level of Control

Setting a level of control in your company’s serverless application is important when considering this type of technology. Developers are used to a high level of control when managing a traditional application or webserver.

3. Availability

Determining the required level of availability and bandwidth that your company has in implementing a new infrastructure is critical to ensuring that value of the new business service.

Interested in learning more about how you can modernize your application or environment? Contact us to speak with a cloud architect or software engineer. We would be happy to provide an assessment of one of your workloads. 


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