New York Wine & Culinary Center Launches New Name

It’s an exciting time at EagleDream, and the team is proud to announce its most recent website launch and partnership with the New York Wine & Culinary Center, now renamed New York Kitchen, for a complete website redesign, development, and hosting effort. New York Kitchen has a unique story to share – a complete website redesign aligned with a full rebranding and renaming – and the EagleDream team is ecstatic with the project’s results. Visit

New Look, New Vibe, New Name

New York Kitchen (NYK), formerly known as the New York Wine & Culinary Center, is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization founded with a passion to guide their guests on a journey to explore New York’s dynamic agriculture, craft beverage, and culinary arts. While implementing a complete rebranding and renaming of their organization, the NYK team engaged with EagleDream to redesign their website to reflect the new name, brand, demographic, and messaging. Working parallel with New York Kitchen and Partners + Napier on the rebranding strategy, the EagleDream team facilitated a complete website redesign and development effort aligning with the team’s strategic goals.

EagleDream Director of Creative & Web, Cody Dalton & Interaction Designer, Lindsay Turley were strategic components of the project's Web Design & Development success.
Chairman of New York Kitchen & CEO of Constellation Brands, Rob Sands with New York Kitchen General Manager, Bethany DiSanto led the rebranding and renaming strategy of the project.

Some of the Key Features

For the internal NYK team, the new website implemented a completely new system to independently manage and operate their website. Some of the features that specifically befitted the NYK team included:

“Our team is extremely proud of our partnership and collaboration with New York Kitchen! Their new website is an incredible tool for both New York Kitchen customers and their team. The website’s design truly reflects the new brand and personality of NYK, and I cannot wait for their customers to begin using it.

This was an amazing project and opportunity, and we’re proud to have provided them with a solution that will grow with their business for years to come.”

Cody Dalton
– Director of Creative and Web

See What’s New

The new name, brand, website, and experience is truly unique, unlike any other. We encourage you to visit and explore New York Kitchen’s website for yourself!

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