Leading in Uncertain Times: How to Adopt a Remote Work Strategy

As businesses and teams adjust to the new normal of remote work, old ways of meeting, greeting, and communicating are on pause. Furthermore, many businesses are navigating the transition to keep business going while working remote. In the span of just one year from 2016 to 2017, remote work grew 7.9% – imagine how much that number will change this time next year… 

While our teams adapt to the transition, we’ve heard many of our customers share their own challenges and have found that most organizations are still either in the early stages or have not committed enough yet to invest in fully blown remote strategies and enablement. This poses a critical challenge, as companies today are being forced to adapt.  

With this in mind, I wanted to take the time to share some leadership strategies we have implemented as an organization that you may find beneficial to help you adjust to the situation at-hand. 

The 4 “C’s” to Leading Your Team to Successfully Adapt a Remote Working Culture


Be the first to step up and lead your customers and team. View this unprecedented situation as an opportunity to take a fresh lens to your business and growth ideas. As soon as the pandemic began to take effect, our team came together and brainstormed how we could pivot and shift our business model to adapt. As a cloud-based company, we were better prepared, but we committed as an organization to helping our customers navigate this transition 

With a goal to provide our customers and communities an outlet to discuss their challenges and learn more about solutions that could help them during this time, we developed several initiatives in an effort to take the lead and educate our community. You can learn more about these efforts including our 20 Minute Tech Breaks and 10 Minute TECHTalks.  


We’ve learned as a leadership team that you can never overcommunicate and through this time, our relationships have become stronger than ever. Take time to consider how you can leverage or upgrade your technology to foster better communication with your internal teams and your external customers and partners.  

For EagleDream, we’ve been taking action to help educate our customers on new technologies that can enable new avenues and opportunities for their business. This includes leveraging collaboration tools like RingCentral, End-User Compute solutions, and other cloud-based solutions. 

Read more about how you can enable business continuity during these times here.


While our teams may feel physically farther apart, culturally we’re closer than ever. Some recommendations for how you can do this for your team:  

Use this opportunity to reconnect with your customers. Initiate the conversation to check-in and see how they are doing both personally and as a business. Together, explore new ways to move their business forward.  

I also encourage you to use this time reconnect with your teams. At EagleDream, we’ve experimented with some creatives avenues to connect with our teams including:  


Lastly, always ask yourself and others “What can I do?” and lead with compassion. Be a good listener and encourage open communication with your team. Be humble and available and always reiterate that you are here for them during a time in need.  

It is fundamentally different to work remotely, and its key that you encourage the conversation with your team to share tips, tricks, and challenges as you adapt. Cultivate a remote working culture and mindset across the organization going beyond the individual. It will help to prepare the broader organization to create an environment that’s more effective for remote working. 

How Do I Start to Develop a Remote Strategy?

Every business is unique, so if you’re interested in exploring technologies that would help accelerate your adoption of remote work, let’s start with a conversation around your office culture, how you collaborate across teams, and what requirements are critical for your business. Contact us to schedule a conversation.

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Bob Moore

Founder & CEO

With over 20 years of experience in enterprise IT, Bob has a reputation for successfully enabling enterprises with cutting edge applications and technology solutions. He was a founding member of PAETEC. In his role as Executive Vice President and CIO he led a team of 450 professionals in Information Technology, Engineering, Network Services, and Customer Service Delivery. He most recently served Windstream Communications as Senior Vice President of Applications and Development.

Bob enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters and is a high-performance driving instructor.

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