Rochester is Leading Digital Transformation

Everyone has viewed Silicon Valley as the hub for next generation tech, startups, and innovation. However, many underestimate our city, and Rochester is at the fore front to become the Silicon Valley of the East. Innovation and next-generation technology are here.

Digital transformation is here to stay, and the time to innovate was yesterday. MIT economics professor, Jon Gruber, recently announced that he sees Rochester, NY as the best U.S. city for growth. Jon Gruber is co-author of  Jump-Starting America: How Breakthrough Science Can Revive Economic Growth and the American Dream. In this book, he outlines research into over 100 American cities and their economies and how those cities could develop “a more innovative and dynamic future.”

Out of the 102 cities analyzed, Rochester was the No. 1 city with potential to become a national driver of economic growth and development.

“Not only is Rochester a great place to raise a family, but an incredible place to grow a business because of the raw talent and creative, entrepreneurial spirit we have here in our community.”
Bob Moore – Founder & CEO, EagleDream Technologies.

“I love Rochester. I think Rochester is the perfect compilation of a slower mid-western town, as well as a great arts and culture hub, and a forward thinking, innovative community." Bob Duffy – President & CEO, Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce

Its starts with Innovation

Today, our team at EagleDream, sees a need to take this news a step further. Every business, whether you’re involved in technology or not, needs to innovate. Investment in innovation is key, and every business needs a digital transformation or innovation strategy to thrive in the digital age.

Organizations with a traditional view of technology will likely go away. Organizations embracing innovation will transform successfully and use next-generation technology to grow, scale, and create personalized customer experiences. The intersection of technology and the business is critical for long-term success.

Join us on this exciting adventure

EagleDream has recognizes this opportunity and invites you to join us on this adventure. We’re excited to be partnering with the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, local technology leaders, and other organizations in our community to drive digital transformation in our area.

We take a pledge to educate our customers around the country on how to design, build, demonstrate, and deploy innovative technology solutions that deliver transformative digital experiences.

There are many ways you can get involved, and we invite you to join us on this adventure. Some ways you can take the first step:

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