Exploring the Power of Amazon Connect: AWS Immersion Day Highlights

In September 2020, EagleDream Technologies hosted a virtual AWS Immersion Day exploring different ways companies can use the omni-channel cloud contact center service, Amazon Connect. Featuring Amazon Web Service’s (AWS) Paul DeLaria along with one of EagleDream’s certified AWS Ambassadors, Dustin Potter, attendees were taken on a journey to explore Amazon Connect using a hands-on simulation developed by the EagleDream team from scratch.

If you’re not familiar with Amazon Connect, it is an AWS service that enables customer service representatives to respond to phone calls or chat inquiries from end customers just as if the contact center infrastructure was set up and managed on premises. Although Amazon Connect’s primary purpose is to serve as a cloud contact service, it is much more than that and the power lies in the builder – here’s how.

We began with an overview of Amazon Connect

Kicked off by AWS Partner Solutions Architect Paul DeLaria, attendees were introduced to Amazon Connect and the wide range of capabilities the service offers. Did you know that Amazon Connect is one of the core components used to build  

We then dove into a hands-on simulation

In order to help attendees relate to a real-life use case of Amazon Connect, EagleDream’s team developed an interactive simulation from scratch, below:  

Meet "Software Technologies"

For the sake of the simulation, EagleDream developed “Software Technologies,” a medium-sized company whose employees who were working remotely since March due to COVID-19 orders. Currently they can use the office but there are stipulations they must follow, answering a series of questions.  

Up to this point, “Software Technologies” had been using a shared channel in the internal communications platform. Employees posted that they’re in the office and have answered no to all three questions. Knowing they would need to continue the process for the foreseeable future, they hoped to automate the process to make things easier.  

Let’s Start Building!

To do this, attendees were guided through 2 labs to build an Amazon Connect flow that allowed them to call in, verify their identity, answer the three questions, and record that they were in the office.  In the event that the person calling was not an employee of Software Technologies, the individual would be put into a queue to talk with someone at the company for things like validating their reason for going, determine who they are meeting, etc. 

In summary, attendees learned how to:  

  • Create a Connect Instance 
  • Build and Test Contact Flows 
  • Construct Amazon Connect Queues and Routing Profiles 
  • Create Employee Questions and Employee Authentication 

Some feedback from attendees...

“THIS IS AWESOME!! Love it, very well designed and I am loving it, it is so easy to pick up and follow.” – Prateek B.

“This workshop has been really helpful and insightful! Thank you for all the info and support!” – Julofrey L.

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