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Simplifying Desktop Delivery using Amazon WorkSpaces

The PGA of America is the world’s largest sports organization comprised of 29,000 PGA Professionals who are the recognized experts in teaching and growing the game of golf. A long-time and valued customer of EagleDream Technologies, the PGA has engaged EagleDream in a variety of cloud-related projects. In this instance, the PGA’s leadership team was faced with a unique issue that the EagleDream team was able to efficiently resolve using Amazon WorkSpaces. In the end, EagleDream delivered a solution that resulted in the following key benefits:

  • Cost Effective
  • Low Overhead
  • Improved Scalability


The PGA of America uses a legacy financial product known as Hyperion. This product is used by PGA’s leadership team primarily for the need to be able to access financial reports. The Hyperion environment was unique in that it was enabled through Microsoft Excel and users needed a special plugin in order to access that only operated on Windows desktop environments. Unfortunately, a number of the PGA’s leadership team operated Apple MacBook’s as their primary computers and could not access the financial systems they needed to run and process reports.


Serving as the PGA’s Managed Service Provider, the team approached EagleDream to suggest a solution. Timing was tight, so EagleDream proposed building a solution in Amazon WorkSpaces that would enable easy access to their financial systems in the Hyperion environment. EagleDream’s team quickly and efficiently configures the Amazon WorkSpaces environment and chose to operate an hourly billing plan, since the PGA’s team only accessed this information for short periods of time, on a monthly basis. The team successfully rolled out a solution for the PGA’s users who needed it.

Key Benefits

1. Cost Effective

Using Amazon WorkSpaces, the PGA only uses what they need, paying as they go, resulting in a very cost-effective solution for their needs.

2. Low Overhead

Limited to no physical overhead is needed to operate the Amazon WorkSpaces environment.

3. Improved Scalability

The PGA can quickly and easily add users as they grow.

All the Facts

Project Timeline: September 21st, 2018 – October 24th, 2018

AWS Services Used:

  • Amazon WorkSpaces
  • AWS Directory Service
Operating System Used: Windows 10

Third-Party Applications: Microsoft Excel, Oracle Hyperion

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