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Simplifying Global Desktop Delivery with Amazon WorkSpaces

Headquartered in Rochester, NY, Monro, Inc. is a leading independently owned and operated auto service and tire provider in the United States. Operating more than 1200 stores, the Monro, Inc. brand portfolio features 10 quality brands, the majority offering complete auto care and service at significant savings compared to dealers and local repair shops. The Company operates more 98 franchised locations, 8 wholesale locations and 3 retread facilities in 30 states, serving the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions, portions of the Great Lakes, Midwest, Southeast, Louisiana and California.

Monro Inc. faced a challenge to securely provide access to external contract resources in India to their internal systems in order to effectively collaborate on development processes. In order to advise on the best solution, the team engaged EagleDream. In the end, EagleDream delivered a solution that resulted in the following key benefits:

  • Cut Down Operating Costs
  • Improved Scalability and Flexibility
  • Streamlined Management


Monro Inc. faced a challenge to securely provide access to external contract resources in India to their internal systems in order to effectively collaborate on development processes. Engaging with EagleDream to support them in finding a solution, one of their main goals was to find a way to have a controlled environment that didn’t rely on VPN’s. This was especially unique given the external partners in India which created a high sensitivity to overall latency.


Monro Inc. is on its way to achieving a full digital transformation. Learn more about their .NET and data warehouse solutions in the following case studies.


Monro Inc. engaged with EagleDream to build an Amazon WorkSpaces solution that connected Monro Inc.’s resources from Rochester, NY to their external resources in India. The Amazon WorkSpaces solution operated out of Singapore’s availability zone, the closest region with lowest latency to the external development resources in India. EagleDream additionally established a VPC Peering connection from Northern Virgina, the primary location for Monro’s environment, all the way to Singapore. By doing this, EagleDream provided a low enough latency for all users involved and the effort was successfully completed within a couple of weeks.

The differentiator in this project was the idea that the environment connected two locations spanning across multiple regions. Using AWS Active Directory Connector, the environment was able to communicate across these regions. Additionally, Monro Inc.’s team can rest easy knowing they have full control of who is accessing their environment.

Key Benefits

1. Cut Down on Operating Costs

Rolling over to the new and improved Amazon WorkSpaces solution means that Monro Inc. only pays for resources they use, saving on both operating and management costs.

2. Scalable and Flexible

Overall the solution is flexible and scalable as they grow, allowing them to easily add users as needed across multiple regions.

3. Streamlined Management

Monro Inc. now has a singular point of management. They can easily manage the environment from one location and communicate with the other locations using the Amazon WorkSpaces service.

All the Facts

Project Timeline: December 4th, 2018 – January 23rd, 2019

AWS Services Used:

  • Active Directory Connector
  • Amazon WorkSpaces
Operating System Used: Windows 10

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