Efficiently Scale 3D Content Delivery using Amazon WorkSpaces

5×5 Technologies develops technology to support commercial utilization of Unmanned Aerial Systems (drones). Their team creates processes, tools and applications to improve the safety, reliability and usability of commercial drones and the intelligence they gather. Their patented technology platform addresses UAS safety, flight compliance, operations and data analytics while expanding the capabilities of commercial applications while allowing for the full integration of UAS into the national airspace.

5×5 Technologies is a startup with a unique offering – they have the ability to take photographs captured by drones and turn them into engineering accurate 3-D models. However, they faced some unique challenges related to how they could deliver access to this information to their team members across the country. EagleDream helped the 5×5 Technologies team develop an Amazon WorkSpaces solution that:


5×5 Technologies is a startup with a unique offering – they have the ability to take photographs captured by drones and turn them into engineering accurate 3-D models. They utilize drones to fly around cell towers and capture high resolution 2-D photos. These photos are fed through a third-party application known as Context Capture and then generate engineering accurate 3-D models which can be used to measure and inspect pieces of the tower.

Some of the key challenges 5×5 Technologies faced were related to scalability and flexibility. The team needed to find a solution that could accommodate working with 3D graphic intensive applications. With team members working across multiple locations, they also needed a solution that would enable easy collaborating and access in addition to the ability for their users to work with multiple 3D models simultaneously without disrupting the end-user experience.


EagleDream was engaged with 5×5 Technologies in order to build a custom workflow that was a part of the image processing pipeline portion of a larger project. To address 5×5’s scalability and flexibility challenges, EagleDream approached the solution with help of AWS Solution Architects using Amazon AppStream, a fully managed application streaming service. The reasoning behind using AppStream, was that it was the only solution that could support high end 3-D video cards and graphics that 5×5 needed during the rendering phase.

EagleDream established a scalable Amazon AppStream cluster that improved the environments flexibility. However, the team ran into some additional challenges related to “power users,” or those that needed to work with multiple 3D models simultaneously. The team also faced some challenges with how Amazon AppStream was communicating with the third-party application, Context Capture. To address these challenges, EagleDream rearchitected the environment and switched to run Amazon WorkSpaces, which interacted much better with the Context Capture application. Running Amazon WorkSpaces greatly improved the end user experience for 5×5’s power users.

Key Benefits

1. Improved Scalability & Flexibility

A rapidly growing startup, 5×5 Technologies plans to start processing data for more than 100 cell towers per day. Having the flexibility to provision new users quickly, easily, and as needed is a significant benefit.

2. Streamlined Communications

The 5×5 team has members from across the country, in multiple locations. The benefit of being able to easily provision new users and collaborate regardless of location was critical in this solution.

3. Improved Data Retention

5×5 operates using extremely large amounts of data – terabytes, to be exact – so having the ability to retain large amounts of data and simply running purely on a cost environment, was essential.

All the Facts

Project Timeline: April 1st, 2019 – April 28th, 2019

AWS Services Used:

Operating System Used: Windows 10
Third-Party Applications: SoftNas

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