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EagleDream Accelerates Growth with Relocation to Fairport, NY

The following article was written and published by Gino Fanelli of the Rochester Business Journal. Read on to learn more about EagleDream’s recent growth, our office expansion, and “what’s next” for our growing cloud practice.

In Rochester’s burgeoning software marketplace, EagleDream Technologies seeks to set itself apart from the pack.

Founded in 2013 by PaeTec’s IT team, EagleDream is a cloud solutions provider that places an emphasis on custom solutions revolving around client needs. That means not just keeping clients’ data secure but educating them in the best ways to use those tools. So far, that approach has netted EagleDream some high-profile devotees, including Constellation Brands, the Professional Golfers Association of America (PGA) and Nextgen Healthcare. View full case studies here.

They move to cloud-based servers, security and other IT services has not only chiseled out a strong base for EagleDream, but is creating an atmosphere in which business can work harder, more efficiently and in more creative ways.

“What we’re seeing accelerate in especially the past three years is the ability for business to innovate without their infrastructure or IT staff keeping them back. The businesses are able to be much more nimble, much more competitive, much more innovative by leveraging the cloud to quickly go in one area, and also fail forward.”

Bob Moore
– EagleDream’s Chief Executive Officer

Encouraging Innovation and Failing Forward

Fail forward, Moore explains, means businesses are allowed to experiment with different cloud-based concepts and if they don’t work, the businesses can easily backtrack, build something different and learn from their mistakes.

The ease of use and malleable nature of the cloud is causing a major shift in the national IT marketplace. According to Keybank’s middle market business sentiment survey for the first quarter of 2018, 50 percent of surveyed business planned on investing into cloud computing and infrastructure over the next year. By 2020, the global cloud computing market is expected to hit $411 billion, according to a study by CenturyLink.

Accelerating Growth and Expansion in the Northeast

For EagleDream, that makes for a marketplace ripe for growth. Over the coming weeks, the company, an Amazon advanced consulting partner, will move from their current home in Gates to a larger facility in Fairport. EagleDream also operates a regional sales office in Boston.

“It’s pretty exciting. We sort of came out of that startup phase a couple years ago, so now we’re in that scaling phase. It’s important to have class A office space, so when customers come to town you want to be able invite them out,” Moore said.

EagleDream currently employees 67 people, but Moore expects to cross the 100 line in the next 18 months, although it’s not a set goal.

“I wish we could say 150” employees, Moore said, “but we never built the business for explosive growth. I think when you build business that way, you lose sight of some things,” including employee culture and properly taking care of clients. EagleDream has always taken the long-range view with customers, he said.

The Importance of a Customer-Driven Approach

For customers of EagleDream, it’s an approach that works. Monro Inc. is a longtime client of EagleDream that used its resources to establish an e-commerce base.

“It’s tough to transform a company without relying in technology at the epicenter of that transformation. One of the things that I leaned heavily on was Bob and his team. They’ve really helped us align technology strategy with our business strategy.”

Brett Ponton
– CEO of Monro.

Part of the growth at EagleDream is due to changes in the way large swaths of information are handled. For example, EagleDream developed a custom, scalable system for handling electronic medical records that were both secure and HIPAA compliant for Nextgen Healthcare Information Systems LLC. Security is paramount in healthcare records, and Moore has faith in their system. EagleDream’s health division, EagleDream Health, was eventually acquired by Nextgen.

“Security matters, compliance matters, so you always, regardless of where your infrastructure sits, have to know what you’re doing,” Moore said.

EagleDream’s workforce is heavy on graduates of Rochester Institute of Technology and despite becoming a larger scale player, intends on keeping it that way. It is proud to call Rochester home, and as growth moves along, officials hope to keep an employee base with similar feelings.

“I get pretty passionate about the resources we have,” Moore said. “I think the biggest problem is keeping them here. We have 3,500 to 4,000 kids at (RIT’s) Golisano School, and you want to keep them in Rochester.”

In The News

This article was written by Gino Fanelli of the Rochester Business Journal. The Rochester Business Journal is the leading source of business news and information in Rochester, N.Y.

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