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Defining Success in Cloud Implementations

We’re honored to have been recently recognized by CIO Review in their list of the 20 Most Promising AWS Solution Providers of 2017. During an interview with the CIO Review team, CEO Bob Moore shares how EagleDream Technologies differentiates itself in the cloud space, and how our organization defines success for our clients. Read on to learn more about the unique EagleDream Technologies story, and our beliefs on how we define success in the cloud.

Choosing a Cloud Partner

With the evolution and larger acceptance of cloud computing, the role of consultants has become more prominent. From initial assessment to implementation along with support and maintenance, consultants bridge the technical and managerial gaps that exist between the cloud provider and the client. Today, as cloud adoption is in its full swing, Amazon, propelled by AWS, is miles ahead of its competitors in a revolution that was kick-started by its robust and reliable partner ecosystem that has become the company’s face for the enterprise masses. However, several enterprise leaders tend to have a limited understanding of the cloud.

“Many CIOs think the cloud is just an extension of what they did previously. Cloud migration is more than just moving away from on-premise infrastructure. Enterprise leaders need to think about how they can do their business differently by moving to the cloud.”

Bob Moore

EagleDream has strategically positioned itself as an all-round player within the cloud technology realm. Besides providing custom cloud solutions, the company provides managed services and expertise on security and compliance aspects of cloud migration, as well as cloud-native software development. This enables EagleDream to initiate strategic conversation with potential clients to better understand their vision and predicament, thus illustrating a broader picture of what a long-term transformation would look like by going cloud-native.

Why partner with EagleDream Technologies?

Numerous enterprises, in various industries, entrust EagleDream with their AWS needs due to the company’s focus on security and their expertise in compliance. Moore mentions an instance wherein a CIO opted to partner with EagleDream (declining other AWS partners) primarily because of the company’s collaborative, elongated and customer-centric process that focuses more on providing results-driven solutions than selling. EagleDream’s cloud services are built on the belief that the journey to the cloud is unique for every company and thus closely works with them to develop a cloud migration strategy that is best aligned with their function. The company develops a flexible, custom, cloud-friendly solution which not only meets the client business needs but also fortifies their security posture.

Growing the Relationship with Amazon Web Services

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, EagleDream is a regular participant at many of Amazon’s exclusive training programs and rollouts, and the technology giant greatly respects their feedback. As a result of their relationship with AWS, EagleDream is able to facilitate customer solutions directly with the AWS team. The EagleDream team’s client success mantra of “your success is our success” is based on the principle that one’s relevance as a solution partner is marked by the perpetual success of their customer.

Having worn the hat of a CIO in a prior role, Moore better understands the predicaments, and expectations of his clients at EagleDream. Upon the acquisition of the publicly traded fortune 500 company where he served as CIO, Moore saw the opportunity to start a venture of his own. The motivation for it’s founding largely stemmed from the enthusiastic and customer driven team that he worked with, who were also looking for an opportunity to work together. In effect, the EagleDream team has more than twenty years of experience under their belt. Referencing AWS as the ‘Swiss army knife’ of the cloud world, Moore believes that the advent of edge computing, IoT, and other technologies would essentially pivot the capabilities of AWS that cater to a broad spectrum of needs of the enterprise sphere.

“I still think we’re all in the infancy of what Amazon is going to become in the future, and we strive to work hand in hand with the entity as they develop and grow.”

Bob Moore

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In The News

CIO Review

This article was written by CIO Review, and was featured in their AWS Special Edition, highlighting the 20 Most Promising AWS Solution Providers 2017.  According to CIO Review, the companies featured, “demonstrated an ability to implement innovative technologies combined with incredible customer service.” CIO Review analyzed “the vendors’ capability to fulfill the ever-growing expectations of flexible and low-cost solutions that will add value to the AWS landscape.”

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