Cloud Strategy

If you are considering moving your system/application/infrastructure to the Cloud, you must consider these questions:

Trust our rich security experience to help you

Security in the Cloud is probably the biggest difference from your on-premises setup.  You are now working in a Shared Security Model, where your Cloud provider is doing some of the security heavy-lifting, but you still have to secure the OS and the layers above that.  There is no span port on the routers in the Cloud that you can plug your current Network security tooling into.  Getting security right in the cloud is probably one of the biggest issues that we see as we work with clients.  Trust EDT to start your journey to the cloud off on the right security footing.  Our Cloud and Security teams work together to establish the security baseline unique to each customer.

Let our Cloud confidence inspire change

Everything in the Cloud is different; not just a little, but a lot. If you want to just “lift and shift” your on-premises systems to the cloud and continue to run it the way you have in the past, you are going to encounter challenges. The better way to approach it is to ask what the Cloud can bring to you and help you with. Your company and your people have to be willing to learn and try new things. EDT has the experience of helping numerous companies through this transition and we can leverage our expertise to focus on the most critical areas of migration and Cloud services first.

Our expertise can help you maximize the Cloud

Why is it that you want to get to the Cloud? What are you wanting the Cloud to do for you? How will you measure success? All of these questions are important to think about before you start your move. You need to have metrics to gauge your success in the Cloud, whether it be cost reductions, or time to market. EDT has tools that we make available to our customers to help them visualize their Cloud costs on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. EDT has the expertise in the Cloud to help you realize your goals and provide you with evidence to take back to your internal stakeholders.

Let our experience in migrations help you

Do you have a current list of servers?  Do you know how all of the servers and applications interact with each other?  EDT can help you identify and map your on-premises systems into Cloud systems. EDT has decades of experience in physical to virtual, and virtual to virtual migrations and was the team that built one of the first virtual private clouds in the telecom industry while at PAETEC.

How we can help manage change, increase productivity and reduce risks.

Let EDT help you and your company through this transition.  EDT has the most trained and certified Architects and Developers in upstate NY to help you get the most from the Cloud.  We are partners with both AWS and Microsoft and are the fastest growing Cloud consulting company in upstate NY.  We value long term relationships with our customers and we will help you in the selection of a Cloud provider that addresses your unique needs.  We are confident that we have the skills to help you through the migration path that is right for you and to also help you re-architect, re-design, and re-implement your applications.


Scott Weber

Vice President of Cloud Solutions

With over 20 years of experience in IT, Research, and Cloud Computing, Scott brings a passion for innovation, architecture, and emerging patterns.  He focuses on forward-thinking solutions to provide high availability and scalability to both the infrastructure and software systems.

As leader of the Cloud practice at EagleDream Technologies, Scott brings a drive for discovery of the latest developments in Cloud Computing and a willingness to share his knowledge and original thinking with clients and co-workers.  Scott enjoys exploring the intersection of the Cloud and software development and how it is driving architectural and design changes. Check out his latest TECHTalk on how to stay relevant using AI & Machine Learning.

Scott received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois.  In his free time Scott enjoys fishing, working on his log cabin, and traveling with his wife and daughter.

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