Celebrating Inspirational Women in Technology: Women’s History Month

The women leading and innovating in technology across the world impact our lives on a daily basis and are working hard on shaping the future for the better. Even in trying times like this we can’t forget the positive contributions that woman have made and continue to make in our communities and beyond. That is why it’s important to take the time to recognize Women’s History Month as an important cornerstone in our industry.

While women still only represent a tiny percentage of the technology world, women are making big strides in the tech field, and it’s important that we help keep this trend going. Some of the latest stats:

Women dominate the professional workforce.

BUT men still dominate the tech workforce…

LUCKILY women are breaking down the door…

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we invite you to join us as we celebrate women who are making history today and who strive to innovate, inspire, and lead with technology. We hosted a TECHTalk event and featured some powerhouse women in technology, and together they had an impressive Women’s Leadership Panel Discussion.

Our Panel Participants

Melissa Fulmore-Hardwick, VP of IT Enterprise Applications, Acosta Sales & Marketing
Amy Warner, Sr. Director IT Business Operations, Acosta Sales & Marketing
Dr. Wendy Norfleet, CEO Norfleet Integrated Solutions
Juliet Negrete-Anderson, Founder and COO, OnPay Solutions

Some of Our Top Highlights:


What does being a woman in tech mean to you? (0:45)

Looking back at personal or professional challenges you’ve faced, have you ever had a male colleague advocate for you? What was that experience like? (7:57)


What advice do you have for other male advocates in our industry? How can they empower and advocate for women on their teams? (0:00)

Where do you think women in tech will be in the next 5-10 years? (3:58)

“I am an advocate for, if the door is open and I have an opportunity, that I’m going to bring some other women along with me.”

Melissa Fulmore-Hardwick
– VP Enterprise IT Applications, Acosta Sales & Marketing


How is encryption technology impacting transformation and virtualization? (0:00)

Doyou have advice or tips on better communicating with your male counterparts? (3.08)


How do you empower women emerging leaders to lead in their own way, and not feel that they need to fit into some of the male-dominated cultures that we live in? (0:00)

How do you navigate when other women are competitive or see you as a threat? (6:35)

What advice do you have for women that are looking to start their own tech company, after working for another organization? (9:55)

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