Ask the Experts: 3 Ways to Cut Down Time Spent Writing Application Code

A major trend that has popped up in the world of application development today is a focus on making it easier to write code. So much time is involved in gathering requirements, understanding the product and working with whoever is serving as the product owner. You can learn more about our other application practices here. So, when it comes time to get down to the task, we want to maximize the time that we have, to do what we love: write some code! Here are some of the ways that we see people maximizing the time they have to do just that.

Streamline for Success

No matter the developer, no one wants to be staring at a computer writing code for hours, only to find out that there was a more efficient way they could’ve done it. Having the ability to cut down on the time spent in preparation for writing code, means that more time can be spent actually writing the code. Implement these tips into your workflow, and watch the success happen before your eyes.

To make your application development process more streamlined, we’ve outlined 3 of the most fundamental tips when it comes to saving time during your application development process:

1. Code Linters

Everyone hates the failed peer review / pull request because of something silly like missing semi-colons or spacing or whatever. A good linting process can mitigate so many of the annoyances during the peer review process. As a team, define the rules that a linter should enforce and use the tools available to nag you when you’re not adhering to these rules. This will ensure that you don’t fail another peer review for forgetting to use strict equality in JavaScript!

2. Branching Strategies

There have been so many articles written about the best strategy to maintain source control. Throughout this pool of information, we find there is truly one golden rule that holds to be of most value. It might sound simple but, know your product! And not only that, but also know the team you’re working with and use a strategy that works to best optimize.

3. A Good CI/CD Pipeline

It would be remiss to omit a good deployment process. No developer ever wants to be repeatedly installing the latest version in every system when a release happens. That just takes up more time ultimately and can get quite old after a while. Define a deployment process and use it!

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Prior to joining the EagleDream team 3 years ago, Scott has worked at Xerox, Paetec, and VirtualScopic. He has been working as an AWS Architect for 3 years and recently became certified as an AWS Certified Solutions Architect. Learn more about EagleDream’s Software and Application Development practice here.

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