WEBINAR: How MediSked Optimized their Microsoft Workloads on AWS

Topic: Microsoft Workloads on AWS 
TuesDAY, october 13th | 1:00pm – 2:00PM EST | Virtual event

Accelerate the build of your serverless platform

How to leverage .NET Core3, SQL Server, and serverless architectures to create forward-thinking solutions

MediSked sought to pivot its cutting-edge Care Coordination Platform from Microsoft SQL Reporting Services to a serverless architecture on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Keeping with their innovative spirit, MediSked leveraged EagleDream to help evaluate, plan, and execute the migration of its existing form-generation capabilities to a serverless solution built on AWS Lambda, Amazon S3, and Amazon EC2 containers  

Register for our webinar to learn how EagleDream is helping MediSked increase operational efficiency, accelerate form template modification, and reduce Microsoft licensing costs. 


Join us to learn:

  • EagleDream’s innovative, full-stack approach for Windows workload migration and application build initiatives  
  • Best practices for creating serverless architectures with AWS Lambda 
  • How to leverage .NET Core3 for containerized workloads  


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What we'll cover:

We’ll be walking attendees through an overview of use-case scenarios that implement the following:

  • SQL Server Modernization
  • .NET Modernization to .NET Core3 in Containers 
  • Serverless 

Who Should Attend?

Business Decision Makers & IT Practitioners looking to optimize their Microsoft Workloads by running them better, faster, and cheaper on AWS.