The Future Is Now: Discovering Cloud & Cybersecurity

The EagleDream team hosted the “The Future Is Now” half-day conference in Rochester, NY. EagleDream CEO Bob Moore, accompanied by other industry leading experts led interactive presentations, Q&A Sessions,
and a panel discussion discussing all things Cloud and Cybersecurity. We were joined by attendees from various enterprises and organizations that were interested in learning more about the benefits of AWS cloud, or were looking for additional insight on how to optimize the cloud for their organization’s success.

The Future of AWS Cloud

The EagleDream team was joined by several industry leading experts with rich experience in the cloud and cybersecurity space. Discussion topics included cloud strategy, cybersecurity in the cloud, cyber insurance, HIPAA/PCI compliance, as well as privacy and IT GRC. Technology is advancing rapidly, and it has become even more important to stay ahead of the curve and ahead of evolving technology trends. Through our speaker’s discussions and presentations, our guests had the opportunity to get an inside look into the future of cloud and cybersecurity technologies.

The AWS Cloud Experience

By far an attendees favorite, was our interactive panel discussion led by Jim Raub, featuring some of our own EagleDream client panelists. This gave our attendees the opportunity to address real questions and concerns they had on cloud and cybersecurity. Among the topics discussed, was security in the cloud, how to choose the right cloud strategy, the Cloud Migration process, and the benefits of utilizing Managed Cloud Services. Our panelists were able to give a genuine look into their cloud migration experience, and the benefits their enterprise experienced from migrating to the cloud. Additionally, panelists answered questions around what to look for in a cloud partner if utilizing Managed Services, where the partner would fully operate their cloud on the enterprise’s behalf. The panel proved to be a great opportunity for our attendees to interact with organizations that have previously undergone this process, and gave them an inside look into the benefits of AWS cloud.

Overall, the event was a true success, and we’re honored to have been able to host this event with the help of AWS and our dedicated Cloud partners, CloudHealth Technologies and SumoLogic.

Interested in attending one of our “Future Is Now” Cloud & Cybersecurity events? Stay tuned to see where our team will be headed next!

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