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3 Major Game Changers from AWS Summit NYC

Over 10,000 people attended Amazon Web Service’s global summit, based in New York City, to connect, collaborate, and learn about the latest trends in the world of cloud. Amazon Web Services (AWS) growing faster than ever, generating $1.4 billion in operating income in their first quarter, and many are asking, what else could they be working on next? Attending AWS Summit NYC, our team got a decent look. Here are our key takeaways from the summit that we predict will be game changers in the near future of cloud.

  • The Day of Infrastructure is Over
    The summit kicked off with a series of keynotes, the first being Dr. Werner Vogels, CTO, Vogels began by reiterating how fast the cloud market is growing and how AWS is enabling this growth around the world. One key item he mentioned was that the “day of infrastructure is over.” We need to start thinking differently about how we innovate in technology and in the cloud.

    Vogels emphasized how AWS is helping others evolve and engineer the future by providing developers the tools needed to produce the solutions they want. With over 125 different services available to the customer, and approximately 40 announced just this year, AWS is making it possible for teams to build custom solutions, from scratch. In short, we are all “builders” and AWS is providing us the tools to build our “dream home.”

    With more industries adopting AWS, there are reduced barriers to innovation, helping industries move to a world where applications are interconnected. With the rapid pace of innovation and the continuous release of new technologies, this is huge for developers and fast-paced teams. The barriers they face are slim to none, making innovation and creation even more exciting.
  • AWS is On a Mission to put Machine Learning in the Hands of Every Developer
    The conversation around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is HOT. More companies are looking for ways to implement these technologies into their everyday work, and the numbers further emphasize this point. The International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts that spending on AI and ML will grow from $12B in 2017 to $57.6B by 2021. Even further, MemSQL asked companies about their top data initiatives for 2018, here were the results:

With evidence of increased interest in AI and ML, and more companies already using ML technology, many are wondering where do I even start? AWS cleared up some of this question at the summit with some great announcements around their ML initiatives.

In a keynote led by Dr. Matt Wood, GM, Artificial Intelligence, he emphasized how AWS has been deeply invested in AI for over 20 years, and that they’re on mission to make Machine Learning accessible so that all companies can use this advanced knowledge. While many of the barriers to entry include a steep learning curve, difficulty in training, and the cost, AWS wants to break these barriers, to put the power of Machine Learning in the hands of every developer.

“Machine learning is experiencing something of a renaissance in the cloud. While some of the methods that we use to drive intelligent systems haven’t changed really over the past 60 years, most of the constraints which have held back the applications have completely melted away in the cloud.“
– Dr. Matt Wood

Beginning this initiative, Dr. Matt Wood had some great announcements of improvements to Amazon Sagemaker. These announcements are huge for developers and companies that want to dive into the ML space. ML through Amazon Sagemaker is now more accessible, it can drive more data, reduce time to start training, and comes at a lower cost – making it a lot more affordable than other options available in the industry. This is just the beginning, but having this knowledge confirms our predictions that the time to hop on machine learning is now, and even better news that we can use AWS to help us get there.

  • More Enterprises are “All In on AWS”
    One thing that AWS is great at is sharing, is their success through real-life experiences of their customers. At the summit, we heard from some amazing companies that are using AWS to jumpstart their cloud strategy.

    Throughout the summit, we noticed an interesting trend, how more enterprise organizations are going “all-in on AWS.” By “all-in” we mean that organizations are not just leveraging one AWS tool, they are active users of a suite (or house for that matter) of AWS tools and services. With the various success stories we heard, we found that more enterprises are taking on this point of view, diving fully into AWS and are using a combination of tools to develop the best solution.

    One interesting example was listening to Chris Dyl of Epic Games. Dyl shared how Epic Games is powering the world’s most popular game, Fortnite, using AWS tools and technologies. Dyl explained how AWS provided them with the basic foundational building blocks to innovate, and now they operate using 30+ AWS services in the backend.
Chris Dyl, Director of Platform at Epic Games
From operating dozens of microservices, to managing their analytics platforms, Epic Games is looking ahead and pushing the boundaries. Using the power of AWS, they are on track to achieve global resiliency and expansion, are actively managing threat detection, and are investigating how to leverage social networks to support anti-fraud efforts.
This is just one fantastic example of how AWS is building for scale, with the end goal to evolve, innovate and grow with their business.

Pushing Boundaries in the Cloud

Attending the AWS Summit NYC emphasized how AWS is changing the way companies traditionally think about the cloud and development. It’s clear that they’re on a mission to evolve and innovate as their customers grow. We’re excited to think about the next round of developments by AWS and to learn “what’s next!”
Want to read more about the recent announcements from AWS? Check out their announcement website.

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