Seamless, Successful, and Secure Cloud Migration.

Employ a Structured Framework & Approach to Cloud Migration

As a leader in enterprise cloud migration, we take your entire technology infrastructure and migrate it to AWS using foundational cloud computing best practices. We help organizations take their on-premise physical infrastructure and move it to the cloud, resulting in systems that are more scalable, reliable, and cost-efficient.

EagleDream is now a part of the PwC network

PwC supercharges their cloud capabilities with the strategic acquisition of the assets of EagleDream Technologies. Learn more about our combined AWS cloud migration capabilities using the link below.


We will help you create a case for change within your organization by understanding and defining your projected business outcomes, the current technical landscape and debt, directional TCO, and overall migration readiness.


In this phase, we will help you develop a detailed business case for migration and a migration plan. We will also address any people, process, platform, or security gaps that may present a barrier to migrate.


Let’s migrate. Starting with a pilot application or workload we will migrate, modernize & rearchitect, and optimize for success.

EagleDream Achieves AWS Migration Competency

EagleDream is recognized for our deep understanding and proven technical experience in helping customers move successfully to AWS through all phases of their migration journey. From single applications to complete data center migrations, we go beyond lift and shift, providing organizations a thorough and holistic migration process.

EagleDream's Cloud Migration Process

Optimization & Licensing Assessment (OLA)

Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA)

Migration Readiness & Planning (MRP)

Migration Portfolio Assessment (MPA)

Migration Project Delivery (MPD)


Let's Dig Deeper Into Our Enterprise Migration Process

We empower enterprises to apply a structured framework and approach to their cloud migration journey. Our framework is tested, trusted, and approved for success.

1. Optimization & Licensing Assessment (OLA)

Gather a quick, high-level snapshot of your current technology landscape and what that landscape could look like in the cloud. An OLA provides you with directional TCO and a clear path forward through the migration process.

2. Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA)

The MRA evaluates your cloud competency, capability, and commitment using an assessment aligned to the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework. Conducted as a 1-day workshop with your business stakeholders, we will identify gaps to address in the next phase, the Migration Readiness & Planning (MRP) process.

3. Migration Readiness & Planning (MRP)

In this phase, we will build the foundational components for your migration using AWS best practices. This will incorporate establishing workstreams for cloud center excellence, landing zones, operational models, security, and compliance. 

4. Migration Portfolio Assessment (MPA)

A subset of the MRP phase, the MPA will help with the discovery, identification, classification, and grouping of on-premises infrastructure in order to determine the feasibility, cost, and effort to migrate to the cloud. At the conclusion of this phase, you will be ready to migrate.

5. Migration Project Delivery (MPD)

In this phase, we will execute your migration plan and help you compose a team with tools and processes needed to streamline the movement of your workloads from on-premises to the cloud.

6. Migrate & Modernize

Now that you’re in the cloud, we will pivot your focus to the optimization of your applications, processes, operations, and costs. The journey is just beginning.

Let’s talk about how you can break barriers by moving your mission-critical applications to the cloud.

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