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Cloud Cost Optimization

Cost Management and Monitoring

Get More Cloud for Your Investment

Get the Most Out Of Your Cloud Resources

While the cloud offers increased scalability, performance, and flexibility, it comes at a cost. If you manage that cost with skill and attention, the cloud can be significantly cheaper to operate than your legacy infrastructure. If neglected, high costs can cause you to put your cloud efforts on hold in order to stay within budget.  

Maximize ROI in the Cloud

While the cloud offers increased scalability, performance, and flexibility, it comes at a cost. EagleDream has helped hundreds of companies analyze their cloud usage, services, and pricing options to ensure that you’re only paying for what you need. Free up energy previously spent on managing and monitoring your cloud so you can drive your business forward.

View our latest 20 Minute Tech Break around Maximizing ROI in the Cloud here.


We ensure that your cloud spend stays low.

  • Proactive Cost Management
  • Cost Monitoring, Analytics, and Reporting
  • Reserved Instances Purchasing
  • Right-Sizing
  • Automation for Cost-Effective Scalability

Optimize with Accurate Recommendations

Find the perfect resource for the job. Prevent underprovisioning or overprovisioning.

Shutdown Wasteful Spending

Automate waste reduction by scaling down or halting underused cloud resources so your team can focus on driving business forward.

Make the Most of Vendor Capabilities

We’ll help you build a cloud cost strategy with the right vendors, so you have complete confidence that you’re paying the lowest possible rate.

gain visibility into your cloud spend

How We Can Help

Resource Utilization

With the correct resource usage levels, you can save money while utilizing your resources more effectively. No longer over or under use your resources.


Reserved Instance Purchasing

We will help you quantify the value you can gain from reserved instances options that enable greater return on investment.

Proactive Cost Management

We make it easier to plan ahead and manage ongoing costs. Easily make adjustments and understand usage without being surprised by a bill.

Security and Compliance

Gain total visibility across your cloud infrastructure. Turn insight to action while meeting compliance demands.

$140,000 in projected cost savings

There’s proof in the numbers. Learn more about our customer Beerboard who worked with our team to rollout a cloud cost strategy resulting in projected cost savings of $140,000 over the next 3 years.

We strategically partner with the best in the industry

We work closely with some of the best in the industry to help you get the most out of your cloud investment.

Exploring if the cloud is a cost-effective solution for your business? Learn more about our exclusive All-In-One Cloud Migration Planning Partnership with CloudCheckr and CloudChomp.


Are you overpaying in the cloud?

Understand how you can optimize your cloud costs. Get in touch to speak with one of our AWS certified cloud experts, today.

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