TECHTalks: From AI to Avatars, How Emerging Technologies Will Change Our World | Peter Haas

Watch our TECHTalks keynote featuring Associate Director of the Brown University Humanity Centered Robotics Peter Haas as he discusses “From AI to Avatars, How Emerging Technologies Will Change Our World.”

TECHTalks: What AI Can and Cannot Do | JANELLE SHANE

Watch our TECHTalks keynote featuring AI researcher and writer Janelle Shane as she discusses “What AI Can and Cannot Do.”

EagleDream Builds Serverless Web Application for 5×5 Technologies

Is a serverless solution right for you? Watch as we discuss the benefits and challenges of going serverless and how to get a start in changing your business’s infrastructure!

10 Minute Tech Talk: An Introduction to Amazon SageMaker

Join Cloud Engineer Ryan Leonard provide an overview of one of AWS’ most infamous Machine Learning tools, Amazon Sagemaker.

20 Minute Tech Break: How to Get AI Right the First Time

Join Kenny Chen of PGH.AI and Scot MacTaggart of EagleDream to discuss what you need to know to get AI right the first time.

10 Minute Tech Talk: Getting Started with AI and Machine Learning in AWS

Has your team been curious about how to start incorporating AI and Machine Learning into your technology strategy? We invite you to watch our 10 Minute TECHTalk

20 Minute Tech Break: Forecasting with AI and Machine Learning

Looking to get started in AWS Forecast? Tune in as we discuss the basics of forecasting AI and machine learning and the steps to getting started.

Demystifying Data & Machine Learning Workshop

EagleDream Technologies teamed up with Pittsburgh AI to host a hands-on virtual workshop on Demystifying Data and Machine Learning on Amazon Web Services. Watch as they discuss AWS, data lakes, machine learning, and walk viewers through immersive labs.

Rochester, NY Students Compete in the DeepRacer Challenge: Battle of the Schools

On March 4th, 2020 the fastest way to get rolling with AI- literally, is being brought to the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT.)

The Role of Humans in a Future of Innovation

A fan-favorite, attendees loved Liz Tsai’s talk all around the relationship between machines and humans and what this means for the future.