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Visualizing Data and Utilizing Dashboards on Amazon QuickSight

Senior Cloud Solutions Architect Brianna Buttaccio discusses visualizing data and all-things Amazon QuickSight in our three-part video series.

Navigating the Struggle of Unorganized Data with Data Lakes

Data plays a crucial role in an organization’s daily operations, which is why many workers are spending about 36 hours per week gathering and preparing data rather focusing on data science or data driven application development. This makes data-related activities one of the more inefficient expenditures of time within an organization.

AWS Snowcone: An In-Depth Review ​

Last month, Amazon Web Services unveiled the latest addition to their

edge computing, edge storage, and data transfer devices: The AWS Snowcone. The latest member of the Snow family, this new device comes in at just under five pounds and is about the size of a small text book, making it suitable for tight conditions where space is limited.

Data Lakes: Migrating and Organizing Data Efficiently

Does your company accumulate large amounts of data? Organizing your data into a data lake can increase efficiency, generate leads, and grow revenue.

Data Lakes vs Data Warehouse: Key Differences

Data Lakes and Data Warehouses are terms that are often associated with one another. However, they are not interchangeable.