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Exploring the Power of Amazon Connect: AWS Immersion Day Highlights

In September 2020, EagleDream Technologies hosted a virtual AWS Immersion Day exploring different ways companies can use the omni-channel cloud contact center service, Amazon Connect.

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Using cloud-native technology, EagleDream helps organizations modernize their aging infrastructure. Learn how your business can benefit from application modernization today.

What’s New at AWS: Spring & Summer Launches You Need to Know ​

Here are 3 exciting AWS announcements from the last three months that you need to know about!

3 Approaches to Modernizing Legacy Applications

Rochester, NY |9/25/203 Approaches to Modernizing Legacy Applications
EagleDream uses multiple approaches to building modern cloud-native solutions. In the following post, we will outline what is involved in each and how they can contribute to overall improvements in scalability, reliability, and cost efficiency.

Visualizing Data and Utilizing Dashboards on Amazon QuickSight

Senior Cloud Solutions Architect Brianna Buttaccio discusses visualizing data and all-things Amazon QuickSight in our three-part video series.

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Accelerate your Windows Migration with a complimentary 1hr consult with an AWS-certified SA or AWS Ambassador.

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Dedicate more time to driving success for your business while experiencing improved database performance, availability, scalability, and security. Identify if a managed database solution is right for you.

AWS Snowcone: An In-Depth Review ​

Last month, Amazon Web Services unveiled the latest addition to their

edge computing, edge storage, and data transfer devices: The AWS Snowcone. The latest member of the Snow family, this new device comes in at just under five pounds and is about the size of a small text book, making it suitable for tight conditions where space is limited.

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There can be a lot of guesswork involved with moving your mission-critical applications to the cloud. As a part of our integrated all-in-one cloud migration partnership with CloudChomp and CloudCheckr, we’re able to offer organizations the ability to evaluate if migrating to the cloud is a viable solution for their business.

Minimize Downtime and Data Loss with a Strong Disaster Recovery Strategy

EagleDream and CloudEndure have joined forces to help customers simplify, expedite, and automate disaster recovery into AWS. Leveraging the knowledge, expertise, and power of both partners, you’ll have the ability to minimize downtime and data loss benefiting from fast, reliable recovery with minimal RPO and RTO.