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3 Approaches to Modernizing Legacy Applications

Rochester, NY |9/25/203 Approaches to Modernizing Legacy Applications
EagleDream uses multiple approaches to building modern cloud-native solutions. In the following post, we will outline what is involved in each and how they can contribute to overall improvements in scalability, reliability, and cost efficiency.

Schedule a Database Migration Readiness Assessment

Dedicate more time to driving success for your business while experiencing improved database performance, availability, scalability, and security. Identify if a managed database solution is right for you.

Migrating Applications from Monolith to Microservices

Monolithic architectures are now considered a legacy way of organizing your services. As companies need to maintain a competitive advantage over their competitors, businesses continue to adapt to the idea of microservices architecture in software development.

Demystifying Data and Machine Learning On AWS with Pittsburgh AI

EagleDream Technologies teamed up with Pittsburgh AI on April 7th, 2020 to deliver a hands-on, virtual workshop featuring EagleDream’s Senior Cloud Solutions Architect Dustin Potter and Cloud Engineer Ryan Leonard.

How to Modernize Your Legacy Applications

Rochester, NY |1/16/20How to Modernize Your Legacy Applications
Application Modernization can help accelerate business growth by taking legacy software and modernizing its infrastructure so that it is up-to-date and can meet a business’s current needs.

Ask the Experts: 3 Ways to Cut Down Time Spent Writing Application Code

A major trend that has popped up in the world of application development is a strong focus on making it easier to write code. Here are 3 ways to …

3 Foundational Components of a Strong DevOps Culture

In a strong DevOps culture, all individuals in the software delivery lifecycle align around a shared goal. Learn the 3 foundational DevOps principles that can help you establish a culture of collaboration & communication between software engineers and operations.

Five Advantages of Agile Software Development Methodologies

Rochester, NY |02/19/185 Advantages of Agile Software Development Methodologies Learn how to maximize the benefits of embracing an Agile approach to consistently deliver high-quality, high-value projects.