20 Minute Tech Break

20 Minute Tech Break

Friday’s Bi-Weekly @ 12:30PM | What can you do in 20 minutes? We’re breaking down some of the most infamous tech topics happening right now during our 20 Minute Tech Breaks.

20 Minute Tech Break: How DocXellent Migrated & Scaled with Amazon FSX

Did you know that by using Amazon FSx, your organization can save up to 50-60% on your general-purpose Windows file shares? Watch our 20 Minute Tech Break with DocXellent’s Director of Information Security and Cloud Services John Waller and EagleDream’s Principal Cloud Solutions Architect discuss DocXellent’s experience with leveraging Amazon FSx for their Window-based needs.

20 Minute Tech Break: How Transcat is Transforming into a Data-Driven Organization Using a Data Lake

Implementing a data lake to your business infrastructure could be the right solution for your business. Watch our latest 20 Minute Tech Break to learn how.

20 Minute Tech Break: Digital Enablement During Covid-19

How can you pivot your business to adjust to these times?

20 Minute Tech Break: Why AWS is the Most Reliable Choice for Windows

Join Anthony Morgante of AWS and Justin Guse of EagleDream to explore how you can run Windows workloads better, faster, and cheaper on AWS.

20 Minute Tech Break: How to Get AI Right the First Time

Join Kenny Chen of PGH.AI and Scot MacTaggart of EagleDream to discuss what you need to know to get AI right the first time.

20 Minute Tech Break: Getting Started with Serverless Computing

Can you run a web application entirely serverless? How do I ensure security in S3? Watch this week’s 20 Minute Tech Break to get your Serverless questions answered.

20 Minute Tech Break: Forecasting with AI and Machine Learning

Looking to get started in AWS Forecast? Tune in as we discuss the basics of forecasting AI and machine learning and the steps to getting started.

20 Minute Tech Break: Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity with CloudEndure

How far along is your organization with a Disaster Recovery plan? Watch as Senior Cloud Solutions Architect Justin Guse and CloudEndure’s Enterprise Sales Specialist Justin DiMatteo discuss Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

20 Minute Tech Break: The Urgent Need to Access and Analyze Data During COVID-19

During these unprecedented times, organizations are unsure of how much longer their business will be affected by the current COVID-19 health crisis. We invite you to watch our 20 Minute Tech Break on The Speed of Data: The Urgent Need to Access and Analyze Data During COVID-19.