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videographer & virtual event producer

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2+ years of experience

Videographer & Virtual Event Producer

EagleDream Technologies is looking for a passionate, creative, and driven videographer and virtual event producer.

This role will support the Marketing team and be responsible for creating relevant, highly creative content that tells engaging stories for our brand. The candidate must be capable of completing a full video production project from start to finish, including concepting, filming, motion graphics, color correcting, and more.

This role will also be responsible for building and coordinating elements of virtual events such as webinars, workshops, conferences, and live broadcast sessions aligning with EagleDream’s growing virtual event strategy.

Key Responsibilities

  • Planning, filming, and editing videos that can be used for a variety of sales and marketing campaigns, social media content, website content, education, and trainings
  • Collaborate with team to storyboard and strategize video concepts
  • Craft video scripts or work with relevant team members to develop copy for video script
  • Coordinate pre-production logistics including location scouting, sourcing resources for voice and video talent, lighting and audio equipment
  • Edit footage in post-production
  • Support the creation of live, recorded, and on-demand event activities
  • Drive all event testing before and during event activities
  • Work with speakers to rehearse and test equipment before event, ensure optimal background and lighting
  • Build processes for repeatability and scalability of event activities
  • Think big to deliver new ideas and creative approaches to improve attendee experiences

Basic Qualifications

  • Strong proficiency in video editing software
  • Strong proficiency with camera equipment
  • Knowledge of Adobe Suite
  • Hands-on experience in planning and producing video content and live events

Preferred Qualifications

  • Knowledge of Zoom Webinar, RingCentral Webinar, and/or Adobe Connect Software
  • Experience with SlingStudio or other Livestream Video Production Software
  • Self-motivated
  • Thrives in a fast-moving environment
  • Open to presenting new ideas
  • Strong Problem-Solving skills are key

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