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We encourage our people and our customers to think differently, be fearless, and redefine what’s possible with technology.  


We get to the root of the problem and develop new ways to solve complex problems for our customers.  


We lead some of the world’s greatest companies in building for the future. Our experience is validated by the best of the best – our customers.  

“EagleDream’s culture makes it a great place to work. Our teams are made up of motivated and bright individuals that love to innovate. When faced with tough design or development choices, there is always someone to connect with and figure out the right solution."


Senior Software Engineer

Cloud architecture

Cloud Support Engineer

Do you enjoy implementing innovative cloud computing solutions and solving technical problems? EagleDream is looking for motivated technologists who possess a unique balance of technical depth and strong interpersonal skills. 

Cloud architecture

Cloud Engineer

Do you enjoy working with companies to migrate their information and services into the cloud? EagleDream is looking for innovative technologists with a passion for analyzing a company’s needs and helping them navigate the cloud.

Cloud architecture

Cloud Solutions Architect

EagleDream is looking for Solutions Architects who are passionate about helping customers build infrastructures and applications at scale in the cloud. 

software development

Lead Software Engineer

A lead software engineer drives the design of their project and leads communication with the client and team. They must have a diverse set of knowledge and experience to not only create the best solutions, but deal with problems that may occur along the way.

software development

Software Architect

Our software architects guide and assist the development team throughout the process and ensure that the team adheres to development schedules and deadlines.

software development

Associate Software Engineer

Our associate software engineers have a firm grasp of the basics of software development and excellent coding practices.

software development

Software Engineer

Our software engineers are versatile and always striving for high-quality solutions and clean code. They are familiar with the complete stack of development, from databases to user interfaces.

software development

Senior Software Engineer

A senior software engineer should be a leader in the team with their adherence to good coding practices. They should be aware of the best technology for the job, and should be able to communicate effectively with clients and project managers.

interaction & Web design

Interaction Designer

The Interaction Designer Position requires someone to help businesses transform for the future through customer driven UI/UX Design. We are looking for someone who is passionate about data-driven design, from learning WHO the user is to WHAT their goals are to deliver results.

interaction & Web design

Interaction Designer Co-op

Our interaction designers don’t just design stunning and functional user interfaces, they are able to effectively communicate with clients and developers to make their designs a reality.


Videographer & Virtual Event Producer

This role will be responsible for creating relevant, highly creative content that tells engaging stories for our brand. This role will also be responsible for building and coordinating elements of virtual events such as webinars, workshops, conferences, and live broadcast session

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