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Building a Secure Environment using Amazon WorkSpaces

Levrx Technology, Inc. is developing a disruptive technology that will empower health plans to interact directly with physicians and other drug prescribers, providing critical data to help them improve their patient outcomes.

To support its mission, while being flexible enough to quickly adapt to changing business requirements, Levrx has established a strategic objective of leveraging the AWS public cloud wherever possible, to commercialize and optimize its product in order to meet future customer demand and to efficiently scale to support the high volumes of data and performance requirements of software that will be used on such a wide basis. In the end, EagleDream provided a solution that resulted in the following key benefits:

  • Enabled Scalability
  • Improved Security
  • Machine Compliance


Levrx initially engaged EagleDream to support their efforts in building out an AWS-native data lake to store and process their data. In parallel, Levrx was working with a third-party software company to develop the web front-end of the solution, but quickly realized the need to more tightly control who was getting access to their environment and how.


Working with HIPAA data, it was especially important for Levrx to put the necessary security and compliance precautions in place. Being a new organization, Levrx didn’t have the infrastructure in place to leverage VPN, so EagleDream proposed an Amazon WorkSpaces solution that would maintain their desired level of security and compliance, while also enabling more controlled access to their environment.

EagleDream worked with Levrx to build out their Amazon WorkSpaces solution. As a result, Levrx was able to easily and efficiently control who had access to the HIPAA data and how they could access.

Key Benefits

1. Enabled Scalability

With Amazon WorkSpaces, Levrx can easily and securely control access as their business scales, regardless of location, time, or device.

2. Improved Security

The EagleDream team configured Amazon WorkSpaces to use Trend Micro Deep Security, enhancing Levrx’s security posture.

3. Maintained Compliance

Combining the Amazon WorkSpaces service and Trend Micro Deep Security, EagleDream was able to maintain compliance of the HIPAA data in Levrx’s environment.

All the Facts

Project Timeline: April 22nd, 2019 – July 1st, 2019

AWS Services Used:

  • Amazon WorkSpaces
  • Amazon EC2
  • AWS Directory Service
Operating System Used: Windows 10

Third-Party Applications: Trend Micro Deep Security

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