AWS Re:Invent Highlights

AWS Re:Invent. The technology giant’s largest conference event of the year addressed over 40,000 attendees in Las Vegas, NV. The keynotes, sessions, and conversations were everything the EagleDream team expected and more. Chock-full of exciting announcements, releases, and updates, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) team really out did themselves, and emphasized how the organization continues to set itself apart from the rest in the cloud technology space. The sheer number of announcements made during this span of time can be overwhelming, so our own cloud expert, The Cloud Guy Scott Weber, outlined his highlights & takeaways that will be game changers for the next generation of public cloud:

Top 3 Takeaways from Re:Invent 2017

1. Enhanced AWS Database Services

AWS CEO Andy Jassy’s keynote was full of exciting developments. Among Jassy’s announcements was the emergence of Aurora Serverless and DynamoDB Global Tables, among others. However, one underlying theme of these announcements that will make a difference for organizations across the globe, is that these developments are solving a common problem faced by many in today’s day and age – the ability to operate in multiple regions. These developments will allow for organizations to operate multi-regionally in a flexible, adaptable, and scalable way. The ability to operate in multiple AWS Regions is extremely beneficial allowing organizations to host resources and data in multiple locations.

2. Fargate Container Solutions

Containers are a hot topic for many of our cloud clients and AWS came through with several new solutions that allow businesses to easily manage and operate containers within AWS cloud. Among the new container services are Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS), and Fargate. We believe that the one that will prove to be a gamechanger in the near future is the AWS Fargate service. AWS Fargate is a technology developed for managing containers without having to worry about managing any of the underlying infrastructure, and additionally applies a Lambda-like pricing model. In summary, Fargate will make it easier to deploy, manage, and scale your applications. This “serverless” container solution will be a huge development for 2018. Simply package your application into a container and let AWS take care of the rest.

Managed Cloud Services

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3. Next Generation Architecture

In the final Re:Invent keynote, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels took the stage to provide some insight into the future of AWS. A true visionary, Werner’s insights were enlightening and exuded confidence in the future growth of AWS public cloud. It’s clear that technology is progressing in ways that we may have never imagined, and Werner touched upon various key trends paving the way for the future of AWS. What is clear, is the developing role of cloud security and the importance of encryption. “Dance like no one is watching, encrypt like everyone is,” stated Vogel during his keynote. Security’s role in the cloud is everyone’s job, and must be integrated into the foundation of all services. Vogel touched upon various architectural developments and what we can expect in the next 3-5 years. Overall his insights are spot on, and we cannot wait to dive in.

It was amazing to see the realities and vision of AWS and how they have progressed with the changing cloud technology trends. Attending Re:Invent was an amazing opportunity for our team to experience first-hand the new developments and announcements for AWS cloud. Our unique partnership with AWS allows our team to remain perched on the cutting edge, and provide strategic, quality cloud solutions for our clients. Stay tuned for future blog posts that will dig deeper into these new developments, and how we can help your enterprise embrace the next generation of public cloud.

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Scott Weber

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With over 20 years of experience in IT, Research, and Cloud Computing, Scott brings a passion for innovation, architecture, and emerging patterns.  He focuses on forward-thinking solutions to provide high availability and scalability to both the infrastructure and software systems.

As leader of the Cloud practice at EagleDream Technologies, Scott brings a drive for discovery of the latest developments in Cloud Computing and a willingness to share his knowledge and original thinking with clients and co-workers.  Scott enjoys exploring the intersection of the Cloud and software development and how it is driving architectural and design changes.

Scott received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois.  In his free time Scott enjoys fishing, working on his log cabin, and traveling with his wife and daughter.

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