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Amazon api gateway solutions

Develop, Deploy, and Maintain APIs on AWS

Maintain, Monitor, and Secure APIs at Any Scale

Amazon API Gateway makes it easy for your developers to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure API’s at any scale. Using API Gateway, you’re able to enable real-time two-way communication for your serverless applications.

Discover the Serverless Advantage

EagleDream’s unmatched cloud-native expertise can position you to drive agility and innovation with your cloud-based workloads.


Why Use Amazon API Gateway?


Using a cloud-native approach, your business can build applications that run on any cloud platform without modification. Retain the ability to run applications and services where it makes the most sense for your business.


By automating IT operations, your business can transform into a lean, focused team that is aligned with driving business priorities and goals. Reduce development overhead so you can reclaim energy that can be spent building amazing products. 

BE scalable & resilient

In a cloud-native world, teams focus specifically on architecting for resilience. We will help you design systems that stay online regardless of hiccups in your environment.

EagleDream is Your Guide to Serverless

Innovate fast without servers holding you back. Enable your developers to reclaim their focus and energy so they can build great products.

Let's Start Building

EagleDream is your expert for every stage of your cloud-native journey and can help you build modern applications that will propel your business to new heights.

why eagledream for serverless?

We build serverless to help you innovate faster
Our team of certified software engineers and cloud architects are experts in serverless cloud-native development.
We’re one of the few with “full-stack” abilities
Our team specializes in delivery of all back-end software, API’s integrations, and even the UI/UX design to bring your idea from concept to reality. 
We educate you on how to  be agile

We embrace agile, being collaborative, and flexible in our approach to quickly overcome challenges and ensure you achieve success. 


Jumpstart your cloud-native strategy.

Let us help you bring your software into the future. Get in touch to speak with a certified software engineer or cloud architect, today.

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