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Application Modernization

Modernize Your Software for the Future

Power Your Legacy Applications Like Never Before

A New Generation of Modern Applications

We take our customers on a journey to modernize their applications by making them more agile, data-driven, intelligent, and cloud-first. By moving away from traditional, legacy technologies, companies are seeing revenue growth of up to 14% and improved productivity of 40%.

Scale Faster, Improve Reliability, and Spend More Efficiently

We empower you to think differently about modernizing your applications in the cloud. EagleDream’s certified Software Engineers and Cloud Architects work alongside your team to help you develop a strategy to build for the future.  


Let's Build for the Future, Together.

  • Data and Database Migration
  • Refactoring Monolithic Applications
  • Microservices
  • Serverless Computing
  • Containers and Kubernetes

Scale Faster

Large, monolithic workloads are challenging to scale, leveraging the power of the cloud, increase the elasticity and responsiveness of your applications to scale faster.  

BE more reliable

Deploy and operate your software using a single source of truth and control so you’re resilient in the face of unexpected failures.  

spend more efficiently

Legacy applications are difficult and costly to scale. Modernizing your application into smaller components can help you spend your IT budget more efficiently. 

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How to Grow Your Business Through Application Modernization

Data Migration and Movement

Quickly and securely move your on-premise data into the cloud. Our team will help you migrate fast with little to no downtime for your business. 


Cloud-Native Development

Powerful Applications Require Powerful Technology. Leveraging next-generation technology, we create robust products and applications in the cloud. 


DevOps Tools and Technologies

Innovate faster leveraging DevOps tools and technologies such as automation, containerization, and continuous integration/continuous delivery. 


Data Lakes and Analytics

Using data, analytics, and machine learning, we enable your organization to improve your customer’s experience and build applications that get smarter over time. 


We help enterprises move away from traditional software.

Migrate legacy databases, storage systems, and supporting software that doesn’t serve you anymore. Without refactoring or rewriting applications, leverage cloud-native services as replacements for data, API management, logging, and monitoring and learn how you can transform monolithic applications into microservices to scale more efficiently.  

We educate teams on how to evolve and innovate faster by deploying DevOps concepts.

Innovate at a higher velocity and streamline deployment using CI/CD concepts and operations. Leverage a single source of truth in controlling your applications, and implement consistency across the board.  

We empower organizations to take a cloud-first mindset in building their software and applications.

Build faster, reduce risk, and grow your business with cloud-native development. The modern way to develop applications, we help you deliver better software for your customer leveraging the power of the cloud.  

We help enterprises build applications faster by adopting serverless container concepts.

Build faster, reduce risk, and grow your business with cloud-native development. The modern way to develop applications, we help you deliver better software for your customer leveraging the power of the cloud.  


Are your applications being left behind?

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