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Empower Your Data to Take Action Using AI/ML

Drive Results with Data

EagleDream can help you embed artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and analytics into the core of your enterprise to break down silos, create more agile processes, and enable better decision making.

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Software Experience Matters

We rely on our deep expertise in data engineering, data science, and software development to help you gain intelligence from your data.

We specialize in building intelligent cloud-native solutions

  • Forecasting and Prediction
  • Personalization
  • Language Processing and Translation
  • Speech
  • Chatbots
  • Machine Vision

Artificial intelligence

AI is any computer system which can solve problems in ways traditionally associated with human cognition and learning.

machine learning

The training of a computer system to make predictions using statistical models based on data.

reimagine the customer experience

Leveraging the power of AI/ ML businesses unlock new insights, enable new ideas, and power more strategic decision making.

Create Intelligent Customer Experiences

We empower businesses to use the power of AI and machine learning to unlock new insights and create more intelligent processes so they can better serve their customers.

Learn more about how Virtual Moving Technologies reimagined the moving industry using AI/ML.

businesses are using AI/ML to

Supercharge Productivity

Deliver Timely, Conversational Customer Interactions 

Deliver More Personalized Experiences

Effectively Forecast and Predict Trends

Improve Speed and Quality of Solutions

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One of the best ways to get started is to learn how you can leverage the many pre-packaged AWS AI/ML tools, and start implementing into your current software, application, or workload. Contact us to learn more about what’s possible for your business.

Take Your Data to the Next Level

Looking for something more custom? Take AI/ML to the next level by building a solution that is custom to your business. Start by scheduling a discovery with our team so we can learn more about your business, challenges, and objectives.

Gain Hands-On AI/ML Experience

Gain hands-on experience for your team by scheduling a half or full day Immersion Day workshop. EagleDream is one of the few select AWS partners certified to host AWS Immersion Days. Learn more and schedule a session for your team using the link below. 

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Meet Virtual Moving Technologies

Revolutionizing the Moving Industry Using AI/ML

Virtual Moving Technologies aimed to revolutionize the moving industry by creating the first mobile moving app. Partnering with EagleDream, the team leveraged AI/ML tools to automate the analysis of videos captured in the application that help customers visualize the location and position of their furniture when moving.

Featured Insights

Navigating the Struggle of Unorganized Data with Data Lakes

Data plays a crucial role in an organization’s daily operations, which is why many workers are spending about 36 hours per week gathering and preparing data rather focusing on data science or data driven application development. This makes data-related activities one of the more inefficient expenditures of time within an organization.

AWS Snowcone: An In-Depth Review ​

Last month, Amazon Web Services unveiled the latest addition to their

edge computing, edge storage, and data transfer devices: The AWS Snowcone. The latest member of the Snow family, this new device comes in at just under five pounds and is about the size of a small text book, making it suitable for tight conditions where space is limited.

Schedule a Data Lake Readiness Assessment

There can be a lot of guesswork involved with moving your mission-critical applications to the cloud. As a part of our integrated all-in-one cloud migration partnership with CloudChomp and CloudCheckr, we’re able to offer organizations the ability to evaluate if migrating to the cloud is a viable solution for their business.

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