Dustin Potter


Coming from a background of application development, Dustin sees cloud computing at an angle of building software where the two are one cohesive unit.  A supporter and practitioner of DevOps, he looks for ways of making the monitoring, maintenance, and release of software better for all parts of the organization.

Outside the realm of building software, Dustin works with clients to migrate to the cloud as well as design new systems using well-architected principles.  Having worked with and built healthcare applications and HIPAA workloads in the past, he puts a focus on security without compromising other pillars of systems design like resiliency and cost.  When working with clients he likes to ensure that there is a solid foundation of education, whether that is through workshops, reviews, or simply working hand in hand with them while architecting their solutions.

Dustin is a Software Engineering graduate for Rochester Institute of Technology.  Outside of Eagledream he enjoys building motorcycles, experimenting with amateur radio, and playing golf.