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EagleDream Technologies is a leading cloud-native transformation company and Premier Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network, helping businesses redefine what’s possible with cloud-native technologies. We leverage the complex capabilities of the cloud to help customers build new revenue, drive positive business outcomes, and deliver industry differentiating customer experiences by modernizing their applications.

Transform your business without limits

Grow Revenue. Innovate Faster. Transform Without Limits.

Drive positive business outcomes by building next-generation software in the cloud.

We know it’s not always easy to embrace something new and move away from “how it’s always been done.” Let EagleDream help you think about the cloud differently and reimagine what’s possible with technology. Take advantage of cloud-native technologies to modernize your software and build for the future.


Our Story Starts With Our People.

EagleDream started with a vision to break the mold of traditional technology service providers by combining the value of quality and service, and people would power that change. Upon the acquisition of Fortune 500 company PAETEC, the team that served as executive leadership came together with a mission and vision and founded EagleDream Technologies in 2013.

We quickly realized the future of cloud-native technologies.

In parallel with the growth of EagleDream Technologies, we founded our sister company, EagleDream Health, a healthcare data analytics startup. We successfully built our first cloud-native application that resulted in a successful sale of EagleDream Health to NextGen Healthcare after achieving 2017 Best in KLAS status for Population Health Software vendors. From these roots, we built one of the nation’s fastest growing cloud-native transformation companies with a mission to help businesses grow revenue, innovate faster, and better serve their customers by modernizing their technology.

Today, EagleDream leads some of the world’s greatest companies through their cloud transformations. Every journey is unique, and our passion lies in helping businesses build for the future using cloud-native technologies.

What’s your vision for the future? Let’s find out how we can dream, build, and soar together.

Premier Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network

We’re your true AWS experts. With multiple AWS competencies and a dedicated staff of premier-level certified AWS experts, we’re here to help you build new revenue, drive positive business outcomes, and deliver industry differentiating customer experiences.


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We’re a full-spectrum driver of digital transformation.

We go beyond lift and shift, helping you every step of the way to achieve a full transformation.

We’re customer obsessed.

We don’t stop at the completion of one project, we’re an extension of your team, passionate about your business, and here for the long run.

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We measure, monitor, and continuously improve to drive positive business outcomes for you and your customers.