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Infrastructure is the backbone of an organization, providing stability for the customers, partners, and employees who use an enterprise’s applications. Identity and Access Management, Cyber Security Assessment and Engineering, Disaster Recovery / Business Continuance Planning, VoIP Readiness Assessment, Design and Deployment, Data Center Virtualization, Unified Communication / Circuit Consolidation, and Cloud and Web Hosting.

Access Management, Cloud & Web Hosting and Cyber Security

Social Engineering

Many company executives believe they are secure based on all of the implemented security technologies they have deployed. The truth is, the biggest threat companies face today is from its own users. Phishing and other nefarious activities are used by criminals to gain unauthorized access to their most sensitive and critical assets. By utilizing an effective social engineering campaign, companies can clearly show their management where security gaps are and underscore the importance of security.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can include infrastructure, platform, software, or web hosting, offering a myriad of benefits to your company: Reduced Support and Hardware Needs, Cost Savings & Flexible Costs, Always-on Availability, Improved Mobility which means Improved Collaboration, Flexible Capacity, Less environmental impact, and Improved Security.

Cyber Security

Many businesses use, collect, process and store a great deal of confidential information on computers and transmit that data across networks to other computers. With the growing number of cyber-attacks, companies and management continue to increase their focus on protecting sensitive business information, as well as safeguarding personal information.


In a recent cyber-security engagement, EagleDream delivered top-notch information with a clear approach that was valuable and relevant to Velcro.

Richard Berry
Director, Global IT Infrastructure & Technical Services


  • Evaluated platforms, designed overall architecture, and implemented solution
  • Configured out-of-box integrations and custom-built more than a dozen connectors
  • Reduced cost and improved onboarding through role-based provisioning and SSO


  • Refined requirements and led comprehensive product assessment and selection process
  • Prepared detailed multi-phase / multi-year project proposal; Presented to executive team
  • Designed highly-available solution and managed cross-functional implementation


  • Performed health assessment on existing environment, identifying several areas that could affect on
  • Gathered requirements, developed and deployed custom responsive-design SSO login page


  • Conducted health check of identity, access, directory and federation environments
  • Configured numerous SSO setups with customized policies, identity stores, and web tiers
  • Developed web services layer for external application access to identity management
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