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EagleDream Technologies builds custom cloud solutions based on the unique needs of each client – from ground-up builds for startups, to redesigning and re-architecting existing systems to be cloud-friendly. We have the expertise to evaluate and transform security concerns from a data center to the public cloud. We have a team of certified employees with many years of experience in data centers, virtual transformations, hybrid systems, and the Cloud. Let us help you analyze the opportunities that the Cloud can provide to your company and/or application.

Dynamic Platform Scalability,
Security and Experience

Dynamic Platform Scalability

Does your application need to respond to time of day or seasonal spikes in traffic? Let us help you modify or build a system that can seamlessly respond to the load when it comes.


What pieces of architecture will be fulfilled by a cloud provider’s specific services? The Cloud changes the way you need to think about system and software architecture and security. Let us show you how to restructure your current system, or start building from scratch to get the most from your provider and even increase your security stance.


Continuous deployment, continuous integration, infrastructure as code: What does it all mean? The flexibility of the Cloud allows your business to be able to move fast and deliver business value in record time if you know how to harness it. Let us help you put together a roadmap for adopting these new technologies.

Case Study: EagleDream Health

EagleDream Technologies (EDT) has partnered with Dr. Betty Rabinowitz, M.D. and EagleDream Health (EDH) to innovate healthcare software and services. The software is an accurate, flexible, scalable, and relevant solution that will enable care teams to provide the highest quality of care while managing costs. EDT supports EagleDream Health with an exceptionally driven and experienced IT team focused on quality and innovation.

EagleDream Health has partnered with EDT for their expertise in cloud solution development. This has resulted in EagleDream Health achieving its goals of building a comprehensive health care analytics solution on a highly secure, flexible, scalable, responsive, and reliable infrastructure.

Mike McClure
CIO EagleDream Health


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