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10 Minute Tech Talk: Getting Started with AI and Machine Learning in AWS

Has your team been curious about how to start incorporating AI and Machine Learning into your technology strategy? We invite you to watch our 10 Minute TECHTalk

Managing Misconceptions in the Cloud

Join Justin Guse from our TECHTalks Buffalo Event for a discussion around common misconceptions in the cloud.

20 Minute Tech Break: Forecasting with AI and Machine Learning

Looking to get started in AWS Forecast? Tune in as we discuss the basics of forecasting AI and machine learning and the steps to getting started.

TECHTalks Southeast: Top Highlights from The Southeast Region’s First Virtual Multi-Day Tech Conference

During the week of June 8th-June 12th, EagleDream Technologies hosted a live, virtual event consisting of 10 speakers located in different parts of the southeast region.

Schedule an AWS Cloud Migration Discovery Session

There can be a lot of guesswork involved with moving your mission-critical applications to the cloud. As a part of our integrated all-in-one cloud migration partnership with CloudChomp and CloudCheckr, we’re able to offer organizations the ability to evaluate if migrating to the cloud is a viable solution for their business.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

On the Blog |6/19/206 Steps to Creating an Effective Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan
The only way to bounce back quickly from disasters big and small is to set up IT processes that keep a company functioning following an unexpected event.

WEBINAR: How to Embrace a Holistic Approach to Your Cloud Transformation

WEBINAR: How to Embrace a Holistic Approach to Your Cloud Transformation. Join EagleDream and special guests CloudChomp and CloudCheckr as we examine how to embrace a holistic approach to managing your entire cloud transformation lifecycle, spanning cost-effective migration planning, migration execution, and ongoing cloud management.

TECHTalks Southeast | Access the Virtual Event

In this webinar, our resident cloud experts Justin and Dustin will be covering the top 5 pain points associated with the cloud and how to solve them.