TECHTalks Jacksonville

Jacksonville, FL |2/26/20TECHTalks Jacksonville
We’re bringing the Jacksonville technology community together for a series of short, powerful talks around artificial intelligence, cloud computing, machine learning, digital transformation and more.

AWS Immersion Day Buffalo

Do you have a bunch of data and you’re not quite sure what to do with it? Join EagleDream Wednesday, January 29th at Immersion Day in Buffalo for a day long interactive workshop to learn how you can make sense of disorganized data and put it to work.

AWS and EagleDream to the Speedy Rescue

A large healthcare organization in California relied on EagleDream to deploy a HIPAA compliant Amazon Workspaces solution for over 50 virtual desktops.

How to Modernize Your Legacy Applications

Rochester, NY |1/16/20How to Modernize Your Legacy Applications
Application Modernization can help accelerate business growth by taking legacy software and modernizing its infrastructure so that it is up-to-date and can meet a business’s current needs.